Come lets grow lowryder#1 in the aerogarden deluxe (wpics)

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  1. :smoke: high all gc HOMIES:smoke:
    first time grower here, on april 26th 4/4 lowryder seeds germinated successfully. today is grow day#19 (pics from today)

    lets start with the run down; 4 feminized lowryder#1 seeds (from attitude), Aerogarden deluxe, (3grow bulbs) general hydroponics PH ajustment kit, airstone, aqurium pump, aquarium line tubing, fox farm (hydro) grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom nutes.

    on week two i had a bit of a PH problem got some burn, quickly corrected the problem and the new growth is now a very health green. new pics coming very soon :bongin:

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  2. Thats allot of plants for the aero bro. the root will strangle each other. you might want to plant 3 of the in some soil and grow them outside. also being you only have the aero lights you will yield the same amount by growing 1 plant as opposed to 2. save your seeds brother. just my 2 cents friend. good luck!
  3. Thanks for you're cents bro. I was thinking because they are such a small strain id just see what happens, but I completely agree they are currently competing for light and nutes.. I have 3 LR2 beans and 3 red dwarf I plan to stick to one girl next go round.

    For now I'm jus kicking up my feet an watching the fight.
  4. Subbed! I love AG Grows! I'm really interested to see how your multiple plants per res goes. Wonder if the rule is true that adding more will just divide the yield.
  5. Update;
    day 21 here
    new growth looking ultra healthy,
    but see the droopy down curl set of leafs in first pic, due to nute burn in week 2... can i trim them off and not set it back?

    i wont be updating for a few days.. im painting a room in my house currently and thought id throw in a update before i got to involved.

    peace my brotha's
    update on 5/19 stay tuned

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  6. sup man!! leaf curl under is a sign that its getting to much of something . when it curls up its looking for something ...mag deficiency or even heat stress. hope this helps. peace
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    Yea bro In week two I added fox gram grow big without realizing it was for soil hahah. Quickly went and got the hydro formula and lift off:bongin
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    P.s. since adding new formula new growth looks good no curl since the mishap. Would a little snip snip hurt or am I being too hands on haha?
  9. i would hold off being its an auto and let it do its thing .
  10. My 'baby' Cheech, 8 weeks and getting ready to go into flower [changed over to 12/12 a couple days ago when we got the light box built - I am growing her over at my caretakers house]

    We modified the aerogarden by popping off the light part and suspending it separately inside a mylar lined cardboard light box, we have a second light aimed at her, and a small fan. At 1030 at night my caretaker turns off both lights, closes up the front of the box, and when I go over at 1030 in the morning we get her out of bed for the day and I do the water neuts and after a bit I check the pH and correct if it needs it. My caretaker checks the pH again around dinner time and corrects it if it needs it.

    No, I have no idea what strain, I got the bag seed from my brother, but it is nicely skunky. I have high hopes for the end quality. It came from excellent seed.
  11. Looks damn good man. hope to be at that height someday.
  12. AWWW they growing ultra fast noww, i have feminized seeds but one of the plants looks different than the others (busy one back left spot).. is it hermie? what are your thoughts?

    changed the res las night and they seem to love the foxfarm nutes:)
    day 23 update;

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  13. *bushy one back left herm or fem?
  14. I cant tell from those pics bro...can ya get in there a bit more wit the camera?
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    I jus tried to take some node shots but I have a shitty digital camera just a big hassle.
    I've only seen pistols on one of 4 plants but no balls on any.
    The joint dr. Says that they will show sex at day 14-17 and I'm a bit past that..
    I guess I should just wait it out an see.
  16. sounds like a female to me bro. Ya got the little white hairs comong from the side of the node right? If ya do....congrats!!! you have a baby girl!!lol
  17. Soo my biggest plant turned out to be a male:/ tossed him out of the bunch.
    One of my girls is ahead of the pack an I'm seeing pre flowers:)
    The other two I can finally see pistols on..

    Update with pics tmrw gotta get batteries for the cam
    Peace out :smoke:
  18. Yeah one of my red dwarf FEMALE seeds was male.... glad i paid the extra $$$ for female seeds
  19. UPDATE DAY 27
    all three are showing sex and one with pre flowers,
    whatcha think?!

    my room is slightly starting to stank, which is not a problem its sexy :yay: well until the next episode :bongin:

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