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Comcast now has a 250GB a month limit on theyre internet service!? wtfff

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by beyond305, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. so yea these fuckers actually put a 250GB/month limit on they're internet service. I was reading about it on theyre website and it said that after the company heard from tons of customers saying they wanted it, it was then implemented.

    Thats BS, no customer is going to say "oh yea I think we need a limit on the amount of data that PAYING CUSTOMERS are allowed to transfer". I just checked my usage and Im at 175gb!!! I download games + movies thats why its so high. I kept reading and it said after 2 times going over the limit in a 6 month period, your account gets suspended for 1 year. What kinda shit is this? I pay $45 a month to have a limit on the amount of data I can transfer? I think its just another way for them to invade your privacy even tho they say theyre not monitoring what kinda of data is being sent.

    Its little things like this that scare me, because before you know it we the people aint going to have shit!
  2. and thats why the market should/is going to to tell comcast to fuck off and things will settle as they should.
  3. I doubt that had anything to do with the people. People are stupid if they wanted to put a cap on it. But I wouldn't know, I haven't read anything about that. I have a feeling it's for people who download movies music games...this way they can't download nearly as much data. 250gb for pure web browsing is MORE than enough for any family. but 250gb data cap for say people who download music movies games programs isn't that much. It's gotta be somewhat linked with putting a cap on internet pirating. Who would have thought that something that couldn't be regulated...can be. Just another way for the government to control it's people.
  4. i barely download 3 gb a month..
  5. yea its gotta be related to the pirating. They said that 99% of theyre users dont use more than like 5 percent of that limit and that 95% of theyre users dont even use 20% of that... Thats bullshit. Oh then they has the odacity to put up a comparison showing the amount of music, movies, and pictures one could download with that amount of data
  6. where do you cehck how much GB you have downloaded or whatever for the month?
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    Wait, so they don't even put a limit? They allow you to exceed the "limit" and then penalize you for it? This would mean you are expected to constantly monitor your bandwidth usage.

    Fuck ComCast. This is their way of not admitting that they oversold their service and are not able to provide what customers signed up for. They are either too cheap or too incompetent to have a network infrastructure capable of supporting their customers' bandwidth needs.

    This is probably a result of constant complaints that ComCast is providing slower service than people are paying for; they probably receive a large number of speed complaints so they are trying to fix the problem by reducing expectations rather than getting their shit together.
  8. That is bullshit...Comcast is so ghey. I wish there were other service providers out, I guess I could just get ClearWire or something. I like comcast because it's faster than Verizon, at least in my area it's faster. If I could find another service provider to go there that could provide quick enough speeds, I'd go thru them.
  9. Maybe you should go over to DSL. I know it's probably not as fast, but at least you
    won't be sucking Comcrap's dick any more. And maybe if everyone cancels their
    subscription they'll go bankrupt and die a quick and hopefully painful death.

    I don't actually think they'll go bankrupt, but maybe they will backtrack on setting
    bandwidth limits and as Feanor said, get their shit together.

    Is Fios available in your area?
  10. Isn't it Xfinity now?

    And as has already been stated, this has been going on for a while now. Maybe it's just now trickling down to you.

    If you're pirating almost 250gb worth of stuff a month you should probably slow the fuck down. I hope you're seeding AT LEAST half that much.
  11. You're lucky. Here in Canada, Roger's "Unlimited" service was changed to 60 GB a month, and they charge you tons if you go over. And yes, it is so they can try to stop pirating, however it interferes with me constantly.
  12. In my country we dont have limits but we have slow as fuck internet.

    Well if my speed's is off the charts plus i have a cap of 250gb. im a happy duck.

    You dont know what you have until you lose it.
  13. Old news is old! Like almost 2 years old!
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    if you have trouble with keeping 250g limit a month....and are already illegally pirating, hijack wifis man....its not hard at wpa and wep

    Edit: I dont really recommend this as it is a felony (so is pirating..but easier to get away with)

    If you do decided to try to do that, be SMART about it
  15. seems one of my post got delelted.... hmm

    anyways, I live in the middle of the woods so I can hardly pick up a signal from anywhere and if I do its a secured do you get into one?

    who cares if its a felony...i dont see why u cant talk about pirating stuff on this site but you can show off TONS off plants and talk about breaking the law and show off heroin, cocaine, extacy and then talk about how fucked up you get on this stuff. BUT you cant talk about downloading a pirated movie,music, etc.....

    strange isnt it?

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