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    posted this up in the vaporizer section so some of you might have already saw it...figured it belongs more over here tho cause its strictly BHO

    The Guide to Beat the G-Pen
    The EgoCron v1.0

    First off we'll start with a little introduction as to what this is about. A few months I purchased the G-pen as a discreet way to medicate and consume BHO. I had been using a Healthstone Inner-Cooler vapor pipe previously before the G-pen for my out of home medicating. So after owning the G-pen for a decent amount of time I began to love it although one thing bothered me. The amount of BHO/wax/dabs it could hold/carry was very disappointing after one's tolerance grows. The point of the G-pen was to be discreet but attempting to load a G-pen is anything but discreet and or easy especially if you are working with crumble type wax. I made this vape pen combo in order to solve this problem of having to constantly reload the G-pen. My buddy had an omicron and I loved the fact it could hold a good amount of oil but the battery on it sucked! A couple of my friends have asked and had me make them one so here's a guide basically to build IMO one of the best vape pens around.

    Ego C twist battery. (adjusts all the way from 3.2-4.8)

    Joye eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery

    Omicron Extract Cartridge …. I've fit up to an 8th of oil in it and the 2.4ohm is ideal for the type of battery

    Vaporizer Extract Cartridge Single - PlanetVape

    The fill tool for the omicron cart (not needed but definitely recommended)

    Cartridge Fill Tool - PlanetVape

    I got my mouth piece from the local e cig store but they have them available on planet vape for a little more. And last is the thread adapter to make the cart and battery fit. Also remember to order SLOTTED for air flow.

    Adapter - 510 Battery to 601 Cartomizer (Omicron, Super Nova, Smoore)

    USB Charger
    USB Rapid Charger for Joye Ego Battery

    So its around 60$ ish without shipping costs. Not too bad seeing as the omnicron retails over 120$ and the Gpen 80$

    oh and also idk if anyone vapes nicotine but there are nicotine carts with 100's of flavors. So i just switch the carts and keep the same battery and bingo.

    Hope this was interesting atleast...enjoy!
  2. nice i was looking at these and thought they would be great for on the go! so you basically took the best of everything and put them together? same thread sizes and all i would much rather a better cheaper vape pen then a complete!
  3. Its great for on the go because i fill it up with 10-20 dabs and im good for the day no refilling or anything. Very convenient!
  4. What sized mouth pieces will fit on to this?
  5. what do you save gets you higher per amount of hash, dabbing or using vape pens
  6. @steelsmoking - the delrin is the one i got ...Delrin white mouth piece 5pk - Delta 9 Vapes
    Ideally you'd want to just get it from a vape store near by Vape Revolution in OC had hundreds for like 2 bucks all different

    @kushnmusic - my sidecar def gets me higher dab for dab but i love this thing for constant consistent dabbing on the go!! :)
  7. Thanks bro I did not realize the omicron cart came with a mouth piece until after I bought it lol. I might hit that up the next time im in socal. I'm very pleased with the battery you recommended My buddy has a trippy stix so today we took the trippy tank of his battery and used mine then proceeded to get higher than I have for a long time.
  8. Would this work with glycerin tinctures?
  9. I believe so, that is what they use in the nicotine cartridges...
  10. I use the Omicron and Persei. IMO they are great products. If you like the Omicron cartridges, which work best when .7 is in them not an 1/8, then I recommend using their vapes too. They work great and is IMO the best portable Oil Vape. It may seem expensive, but they have the best customer support. Try explaining to EGO that your battery crapped out when using an adapter and another companies cart. They will prob do nothing. D9V on the other hand has a lifetime warranty on theirs.

    Just my 2 cents
  11. just got a joytech e-cig pen. they said if i get some unflavored glycerin (found in any e-cig store or online retailer) i can add that with whatever amount of hash oil and it'll vape just fine in the reg t2 tank. for vaping wax or flowers , you can buy a type B cone chamber for like 10 bucks. vapes fine.

    awesome combo vape pen.
  12. @mattybear I've been researching vape pens because I want one pretty bad for how convenient they are. So considering all important factors like quality of the pen to battery life to using your own hash oil, your suggestion of taking the best parts from different pens sounds brilliant! So if I were to buy all 5 parts u have listed from those links I can put together a solid pen? Nothing is being left out? Obviously the oil haha
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    this is what im thinking or ordering and wanted some feedback.

    Echo dual coil cartmoizer

    joye ego c twist variable volt 1000 mah battery

    Joye 510 low resistance atomizer

    so is an atomizer not needed in a setup like this, or is it more efficient for oils?
  14. Will this be a better option than the gpen, omicron v2, or trippy stix? If so I'm pullin the trigger!

    Any help is appreciated!
  15. just bought all these pieces. Came out to $110 after shipping. INCLUDING the 5 pack Derlin mouth pieces.

    not to bad, i just hope i can crank her up and get some decent hits. and i hope its durable.

    anyone have advice on how to treat the batteries or the omicron cartridges?

    this will be my first pen :hello: ill be sure to post an update at the end of the week.
  16. Just bought gpen 4 days ago with upgraded glasss tank.... It does the job for what its suppose to do but in my eyes its a P.O.S!! Broken the glass piece twice already (not really my fault) and they want u to buy a whole new glass cartdrige for 50 bucks, so im over it and cuttin my loss. I also hate the fact that u can put barely any oil or wax in the glass chambers nail... Anyways i want to follow this guide, or just buy the omicron v.25. Are there any oil fillable cartridges that fit the gpen that i can put at least a gram or so of oil?

    I love this guide and want to do it, but would the omicron hvd battery be better than the 24.99 one that is listed? And than use the ovd with all the other parts listed in the guide.

  17. Any help or input appreciated, cause i would love to just use my gpen battery with a fillable oil cartdrige(not glycerin based). Or just buy everything listed in this guide and use this setup. But if i use this setup would it be an advantage to get the omicron hvd instead of the battery listed?
  18. Gentleman's Brand Online Store inmho is way better - [ame=]Filling the Gentleman's Hash Oil Atomizer - YouTube[/ame]

    gpen uses a ridiculous thread so all accessories are overpriced. these cartridges can be used on any basic ass 510 :)
  19. So I put one of these together.

    My only issue is the omicron cartridge is such a bitch to deal with.

    I put about .7 in and its always fucking clogging. I barely hit it and the shit clogs up/becomes hard to rip.

    It get me high as fuck, there's just gotta be a better cartridge.

    I hit the gpen today with the glass tank and its way easier to rip, consequently you get fatter rips, it just tastes like shit!
  20. dude they both suck. haha @ Gentleman's Brand Online Store they have oil atomizers that are SUPER easy to fill and are SUPER TASTY. like literally i think taste and ease of fill are their selling points. plus from the same site i got a glass mouth tip for mine. so its pretty much the best of both. filling an omicron is Ridiculous, no joke. get a gentlemans vape. its the "original g-pen" lolol

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