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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Coloring, yes, coloring... my new hobby. Goes hand in hand with my favorite hobby (see Shatter, Crumble, Sauce, Marijuana Consumption).

    I’m usually at the beach but when I’m not, you’ll find me gardening or working on my latest book.

    I’d say it’s art, not a Dali but maybe...
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  2. Those are so pretty!! I can't stop looking at them (the weed is beautiful too). Oh an BTW welcome to GC an I hope to see you around alot.

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  3. Ahh thanks so much there Diz girl... I am kind of addicted to it. Very calming and I always welcome that. My wife says she’s gonna laminate them and make them placemats lol I think she’s humoring me a bit ;-)

    Thanks for the kind welcome as well. You’re too kind. I’ll be around, I kinda like it here. I live in paradise but I like to visit the online world too.
  4. 46428437-7402-4C6E-A633-BE0D37436127.jpeg I randomly pulled out a page to color. I needed this reminder this morning. Enjoying some Jack Herer shatter with my coffee and coloring.
  5. 6BC01DB4-FA87-41A2-A8BE-EF594CDD5D14.jpeg Purple kush and lots of color. I can’t believe you guys haven’t colored yet!
  6. wow looks pretty colorful
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  7. 635D7CF1-5758-4875-BE34-3FB8128D3F58.jpeg 2 in one shot of my 2 favorite things

    Thanks @delfarro1 :thankyou:
  8. CEC6A1A8-22BE-469A-8A75-8B4F1C53F6D7.jpeg 7A2C7742-3C4A-49FF-BB6B-085ADFC06F99.jpeg My hands are killing me but I’ve gotta color
  9. 2D0D0638-C103-4F6C-A206-7D5CD4B2971B.jpeg 567A938E-FEF6-4954-A1C3-B14B470D0BEB.jpeg 75BEEFCA-57F1-4C1F-8774-C6CE88E9EA1D.jpeg Been trimming too much, haven’t had time to go to the beach or color. Enjoy

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