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Coloring a glass pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dr. Natty Light, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. So I have a real basic straight pipe, and I haven't cleaned it in a really long time. I let it soak in some iso for a couple hours, and as I was rising it off I noticed that the coloring was peeling off (it was this cool red-yellow-green fade). Now I'm not too sure what they use to color pipes like these, but this one was only $15 so I'll assume it wasn't anything quality. Well now about 2/5ths of my pipe has the original coat, and the other is just plain clear glass.

    Is there any safe and somewhat easy way to color the pipe? I'll probably just peel off the rest of it and color it something solid if possible.
  2. You cant really "color" a pipe, that's something they do when they make it.
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    No, I mean this was like a lacquer. It's literally just a glass pipe with some coating on it lol. Trying to find out what it was :/
    Here's a pic if this helps
    Fuck it's sideways
  4. Whatever it was, it was obviously soluble in alcohol! Sorry that happened, blade. But now you know not to get that kind next time! I bet it's a china pipe, because no regular pipe maker would use anything alcohol soluble on their pipe because they'd know that's what's going to be used to clean it. Not that that helps you in any way.
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  5. Well I appreciate the reply man. It was only $15 so it's alright, I'll probably peel the rest off then give it to my buddy back home as a present, and get a new/cooler one :) Hopefully I can find a replica of my first straight pipe :D

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