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Colorado Trip! Big thanks to Berry of GrassCity!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by WeedHound47, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. So I went to Denver, Colorado for Spring Break with my mother and my college buddy. We got an ounce of Alaskan Ice (Haze x White Widow) and were rocky mountain high the whole time. Several pics from my trip, the last one is my buddy holding what we had left on the last day. Forgot to mention we got in to Denver at 9 am on Monday and flew out 5 pm on a Friday. It was an amazing preview to what my friend and I will be enjoying permanently in the near future.
    The ounce of Alaskan Ice with a free pineapple express J!
    A close up of the dank!
    You know you're in CO when you find this at a gas pump haha.
    My buddy on our last day holding close to ten grams, smoked a few bowls in the hotel room before leaving.
    Sweet Polar Bear Statue!
  2. nice! that bud looks gorgeous man. how did you go about picking up did you just walk in a shop and get it?
  3. Nah I had a friend who is a medical card holder. Unfortunately shops are not open to the public yet, still medical dispensary only.
  4. o ok that still cool at least you dont have to trip over cops
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    glad you had a good time in Denver! that bear statue kinda takes ya aback the first time you see it haha. Theres all sorts of awesome stuff in Denver, just got back from a concert last night.

    n plenty o danks over here :smoke:

    how much you pay for the oz?
  6. Dank ounce bro, glad you had fun here
  7. Wtf those joints look messed up bro, but nice bud
  8. Hahaha yeah in all honesty, my buddy can roll a perfect blunt but when it comes to thin papers he is worse than I (and I cannot roll a blunt!). I did these j's so they were okay but I will get a roller for j's when I move to CO.

    Thanks man me too! Denver is filled with stuff to do plus mountains are so close you can practically find anything to do. I got it for 150, like 163 with tax and got the prerolled pineapple express joint for free. Burned to perfection.

    Thanks! I don't see how anyone could have a bad time in CO. Such the perfect state, a mix of everything except ocean. Have lakes and rivers for that.

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