colorado people i have a few questions

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  1. so im planning on moving to colorado hopefully wihin 2013. id like to live in boulder but its too expensive for me with that said what areas of colorado are in/close to the mountains and have alot of outdoorsy activities to do (biking, hiking, snowboarding kiaking etc) i also want to be in a stoner friendly area ive heard some parts are alot more cool with it then others. even though its now lwgal id like to me among like minded people and advice is appreciated
  2. I feel some what bad for Coloradans..the massive influx of people moving there is gonna suck for the natives. :(

  3. yeah i see what your saying but it prolly just depends on the indvidual person moving there. im sure it wouldent be so bad if it were good people that respeceted the environment and didint act like where they were from was better but of course theres also gonna be assholes/ghetto trash people that move in as well. but if more state go the legal route im sure it would take the spot light off just colorado and washington
  4. I currently go to school in Cali, but still grew up in Colorado and still consider it my home. From what it sounds like you want exactly Boulder, you won't find as may like minded people and great outdoor activities and proximity to mountains than Boulder. It's really not too expensive compared to other areas of Colorado, depending on where you look Denver is even worse!

    I live south of Denver and it's not as weed friendly as Boulder. The law however will change that because than it won't really matter. Anyways, I go up to Boulder to chill ALOT with friends I know at CU, I love the place so much.

    If your down for straight MOUNTAINS than you are going to have to pay MUCH more, and if your thinking Boulder is expensive (it's really not) than you will hate the mountains. Anyways, my favorite places are Vail and Breck.

    The Denver area is nice and you will find some like minded people but it's not close enough to the mountains where you would make routine trips or anything.

    Really man what you want is Boulder, extremely marijuana friendly, fantastic town, awesome people, basically on the next to the slope of a mountain, beautiful......

    Theres my suggestion lol :smoking:
  5. You have no fuckin' idea.:cool:

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