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Colorado on my mind

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by andrew256, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I want to relocate to CO and grow for dispensaries. What's a good 420 friendly town with plenty of dispensaries and a mild ( for Colorado) winter??? There must be areas that are grower-friendly with hydro stores...
  2. ~laughs~ Mild? Even for Colorado? ~looks out her window at the snow STILL on the ground, even though it hasn't snowed in over two weeks~ Ummmm...yeah.

    Every town in Colorado is 420 Friendly. However, the larger towns, Denver, Ft.Collins, Grand Junction, etc., have the most dispensaries.

    There are Hydro stores everywhere too. Remember all those hippies from the 60's? They moved to Colorado to make laws. *smiles*

    Grand Junction has a terrific Hydro shop on the corner of 5th and Piktin. Guy really knows his stuff and encourages you to munch the fresh cherry tomotoes from his hydro tomato plants.

    In Denver, The Big Tomato has the most knowlegeable people I have found, and exceptionally friendly. Everyone knows this, however, so be prepared to stand in line.

    However, growers are starting to be recognized, and I have seen plenty of ads of houses for rent that state "No medical marijuana growers" in the ad.

    The east Front Range is milder than the west Front Range...but they are both darn cold. You are from the SouthEast...just expect to complain that another ice age is coming for your first two winters and accept it. (I'm from the South, so I know the routine from moving here myself.)

    Oh, and realize that it is not cut and dried. You can't grow for dispensaries. To grow AT ALL legally, you have to either be a registered MM patient yourself, or be the designated care-giver of an MM patient. Even then, you are only allowed to grow 6 plants per patient, and your patient's needs come first.

    Only what is left over after that can you sell as surplus.

    Bak Alchisk
  3. I'd recommend coming here to Fort Collins. The past few days, the temps have been around the 40's-50's. We also have way good dispensaries. As long as you can grow dank, white herb, you'll for sure be good. There is a huge demand up here for more herb in the disp's
  4. Fort Collins huh? Sounds okay. I wonder if landlords are already trying to be dicks about not renting to growers?
  5. come on ova to boulda
  6. no fucking way dude thats weird my names andrew and i just had the realization that im going to move to colorado and grow for dispensarys and pateints wtf man bad ass lol so weird man:smoking: i must be stoned
  7. What about rental houses. I know in Humboldt, no one wants to rent to growers for fear that their house will get seized.
  8. In ftc, as long as you're a medical patient and can provide proof, at least for my current landlord and a couple others that I've had, they won't care if you live there and grow. Their only request to me was to have a good ventilation system so their house doesn't smell like herbs forever more
  9. Consider Montana too. Less expensive, lots of bud smokers, beautiful country. Missoula kicks ass.
  10. I was gonna say montana..but yea man colorado is da bomb, i think ima drive that way next summer n check shit out. gl op
  11. Yes, there are people that don't wish to rent their homes to MM growers. I can't blame them, big grow without proper ventilation and it costs a MINT to get that smell out of the walls and carpet.

    They're scared of people not being respectful of their property, and then leaving them with a huge cleaning bill.

    A lot of people won't rent to smokers, either, no matter what you smoke, and again, can't blame them. It costs a lot to have professional cleaners come out to get the smell out.

    I'm 420 friendly, I grow myself, AND I have a couple of rental houses. My own preference is not to rent to growers because I have had to pay the big bucks to get a rental house fumigated so if someine wants to rent it, it doesn't smell like old bong water.

    Landlords don't START OUT being prejudiced against legal growers....they get that way after having had some bad apples rent from them.

    Bak Alchisk
  12. As a Colorado resident I can recommend Fort Collins. There are no less than 52 medical suppliers and dispensaries in that city alone, not even including the ones out of city limits. Fort Collins is renowned for it's bud among tokers here.
  13. I've narrowed it down to either Fort Collins or Colorado Springs. Is anxiety on the list of illnesses that may be treated by MMJ???
  14. Im either thinkin of doin the same thing pretty soon, either Colorado or Cali not sure yet.

  15. I considered Cali at first but I think Colorado would be a better fit for me. Good bud commands a better price in Colorado, the taxes in Cali are sky-high and so is the cost of living.
  16. good luck we are all sealed up moritoriums every where and you are a littel late! We always need more patents thoe:D
  17. Fort Collins is definetly the way to go.
  18. Word thats the only thing keepin me from goin to cali is the price of living.
    I dont think id be able to handle the colorado winters cuz im a floridian so i think im cali bound:smoke:
  19. FT.Colins is under a moritoium I live In CO. I am a caregiver with a large op and $$$$$$ and I am haveing a imposible time finding a warehouse witch is where we have to grow hear in CO. Like I said do the research we are flooded! And you need a law dagree just to find out witch citys and county are cool with what we do.Then if you find a city thats cool with it you have to fight for a lease on a place with all the other dumb ass mofos that are flooding in from calli and every where else tying to jump on a gold rush that has alomost dried up allready! So to tell the truth if you are not hear already with a shit load of $$$$$ and a op already produceing the market is going to be imposible to get in I live hear and have all these things and I am woried if I can do it!!!!! p.s 5,000 for licence to operate and all land lords that are cool tax!! double what a place is worth:eek: do your home work first my friend.

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