Colorado Newspaper seeking Marijuana Journalist

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by reefera, May 15, 2011.

  1. I'm willing to relocate
  2. lol... It is news in Kansas city that a colorado news paper has a job opening.
  3. Sorry!

    Correction: That should be ARIZONA newspaper seeks Marijuana Journalist.

    This is old news for CO but new for Arizona.

    This story originally reported on CNN Headline News.
  4. They're looking for a dipshit pothead who can put together more than 4 words. Do you fit the bill?
  5. sort of like you just did with that post? maybe. but probably not. there are plenty of fully functioning members of society that use cannabis, its way less black and white than you're making it, happyboy. there are certainly different strains for different ailments, pain, insomnia, depression, etc. there needs to be someone around who can discern what is best for the MMJ patient. and isnt that something you'd enjoy reading about in the paper? its humorous if nothing else, theres no need to be a dick.

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