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Colorado Medicinal - Coconut Kush

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by KannaMan, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. #1 KannaMan, Feb 10, 2010
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    Let me first say that I hope these pictures can at least somewhat show you dankness that is these buds.

    This is a little less than a quarter (sorry, no real way to reference their size but most of those nugs are over 1.75 grams each). Paid $100 for it and I think that's a damn fine deal here in west Texas. My guy has a runner that goes to Colorado and just brings back pounds of good stuff.




    The smell is great, pretty skunky but with a delicious whiff of coconut oil. The smoke texture is very light, with a definite coconut after taste (I hopped all over these buds 'cause coconuts are delicious when prepared well and that rich, sweet aroma kills me :D).


    Sorry for the dirty, carb-laden bong. Can't get a new one until I get a job but it's really not a bad piece for now!
  2. I've heard that real Kush strains usually have a creeper tendency with their high. Is that true?
  3. Never heard of that strain it's prolly bomb! Nice pick up man
  4. Damn sure is a good price in west texas.....
  5. that looks great and sounds like it would be awesome. i need to get back out to colorado
  6. I have a friend in Colorado but damn that check point on the way back always stops me from bringing anything back :(
  7. Colorado is the state I want to move to. :hello:

    I think I got a good price for it because me and a buddy went in on 3/4 of an ounce. Usually it would have been $110. Steeeeal!
  8. I think with photobucket you can just upload the video file like you would upload a pic and then you can paste the code here.
  9. Which code would I c/p? Just the regular image code?
  10. Yes, unless you can use html here
  11. Nice...I bet it tastes way better in my vape ;)
  12. Nice man, where in west texas? Does it really smell like coconut? it looks good
  13. Lubbock. It smells more like coconut oil rather than raw coco nut, really sweet.
  14. Hell ya bro looks lik dat Fine beautiful KUUSH up here in colorado SOme FiRRErZ.:smoking::smoking:
  15. Ahhhhhh yeah, thats how we do it in the 303.
  16. Colorado love baby
  17. its all about that colorado pure kush, you already know.
  18. reminds me of banana kush,light green with light yellow hairs:smoking:

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