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    I figured I create this topic so that growers in Colorado and get together and see how others near them are growing and the results that they have. so everyone in Colorado feel free to post  pics, advice anything u want here and hopefully this help the growers of the great state of CO unite with each other and give advice and maybe even some secrets.. so here we go... buds.jpg buds1.jpg buds2.jpg sorry there not great pics but its the best I can with my piece of shit phone.. lol

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    This is my set up here: week 2 bloom on ghost og, chunky diesel, jack diesel, vintage 06, and Lindsay Lohan.
    Will add pics asap pics from a week ago are on my post.
  3. Just started my very first grow, 4 plants, 4 weeks old. Will post pics
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    Two white widow x big bud.


    One of the tent, running 8 plants in flower. In addition to the two large ones, I just added 6x wappa and 2x ww x bb clones.

  5. Hey there, fellow 'High' country denizens!

    Step outside and smell the FREEDOM!

    20140214_095321.jpg 20140202_225330.jpg 20130711_195421.jpg
  6. First time grower. I have two Strawberry Dream two Bubba Kush (the Bubba girls look a little sad right now) that start flowering on Sunday, under 600 w Hps and 3 clones in DWC buckets under an LED.

    1395733664623.jpg 1395733682011.jpg 1395733707078.jpg 1395733734182.jpg 1395733757738.jpg 1395733776986.jpg
  7. i just picked up the famous ocean beach kush clones bc blueberry and kandy kush. I cant wait to see how these babies come out... u gotta love colorado
  8. I've only been in Colorado for a few months, and from what I understand I can give people cuttings as a gift... So, if anybody wants cuttings of Strawberry Creme or Bubba Kush, come take them for free!
  9. Ill have some GDP ready soon if you wanna swap for some Bubba! Also anyone else in here im willing to trade with
  10. I have some mammoth(l.a.con x snowcap), chunky diesel, and some jah kush.

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  11. Week 3 bloom
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  12. Anyone have a recomendation on a good local place for seeds? Land race or local bred strains would be great, or if anyone carried sannies or eskobar's gear that would be awesome too. I have my card, but havent really gotten out much since moving out here last fall.
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    There are some local breeders, only a few dispensaries around the state carry seeds it seems like. Check out riserva privada colorado and 303 seeds. There are others but I haven't located where they seel their seeds. You will have to order those other breeders seeds from Europe based seed bank like herbies seeds or Cannazon.
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    Oops, double post
  15. Week 7 bloom update

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  16. That sucks, I would think there would be more options locally. I guess there isnt as much money in people growing their own. Ive ordered from attitude quite a few times but really hate the wait, and would prefer to spend money here instead.
  17. Hey all! Older thread but what the heck. Got some banana kush here at 60 days lovin the organic results. I'd love to trade some clones with anyone out here got a chunky diesel I'll be taking cuts from soon.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  18. Isn't there any outdoor growers in Colorado? I mean you guys got rocky mountain fresh air! That's gotta be good for plant growth.
  19. There is already a Colorado thread.

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