Colorado? Fall Break? DANKAGE? DUH!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. So my homegirl who lived in OK longer than myself finally hooked-up with this dude named Milky (no lies). He was going to Colorado for the dank weed and she tagged along. Got off the phone with her and she wants me to come chill there for a while.





    It's gonna fucking rock.
  2. sounds like a plan.
    haha happy tokin
  3. Fuck yea it's a plan.

    I just want to hear from actual Coloradoans and what I'm to expect up there.

    Like certain strains to look out for.

    Places to go.

    Things to do.

  4. Hate to do this...but...

  5. Well I just picked up a QP of Organic Sour Diesel. ALL weed here is $50 an eigth, $100 a quarter, and it's all headies. Very rarely more, very rarely less, unless you buy weight. All the herb is great here.

    Enjoy your time in CO.
  6. How much would I expect to pay for a half or an oz?

    And I'm talking pure named-strain dankage.
  7. $180 - $200
  8. Sweet.

    I'll have to update this thread as it nears closer to the time.

    Thanks for the info, man.
  9. the only way you are going to find strains that are actually that strain is if you know the grower or are the grower

    otherwise if a dealer wants to put a name on it they will, otherwise its just normal CO dank

    the weed in downtown denver is pretty good, ft collins has some dank shit to
  10. hah man its true that average almost all bud here is headies and 25/50. After a solid 4 years of toking here I have had only 1 bag with seeds in it, and have to this day never seen schwag.

    If you want to come to colorado for the dankage you should hit up boulder, the local growers specialty seems to be trainwreck and pineapple trainwreck, but all Colorado bud is great.

    A more resonable price for a half O if you don't know anyone is $200, If you're lucky you can find a dealer who will cut you a break on an O and possibly get it down to 300-340 but again most bud is the standard 25/50 and you're looking at $400 O's if you don't have a hook up.
  11. I can't believe that my neighbor state fuckin' tears my state apart.

    If you guys could see the average bud here in OK, you'd all cry. It's THAT bad.

  12. It's cause there are so many people who smoke weed in Colorado, that no herb grown here ever makes it past state lines before it's been bought up.\

    Kidding of course, but seriously... a fuckton of people smoke weed in CO.
  13. Shit. This trip is gonna rock.

    Again, thanks for all the info. Hope to inadvertently bump into one of yall during my trip.


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