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    Hello , First of all im Semi-New to the forums . No Longer than ive been here I have grown to Love this community .
    The question is this , i will try to keep it short and sweet .
    Where i live now in the deep south - the Bible belt area , every employer Drug tests for Marijuana and will fire you for pi$$ing hot for marijuana as if you tested positive for Crack or Heroin .
    We are planning to Move to Colorado in a few months and i need some honest answers because im going to have to find a job when i get out there . I don't have a problem with cleaning out the full 30 days like i always do when looking for a Job But , Of course that sucks and i would certainly rather not :)
    What are Colorado business's doing as far as testing for Marijuana ? Since its legal there will they not hire you if you do test positive for marijuana ? Can they fire you if you already have a job , get hurt then test pi$$ hot for marijuana ?
    Thank you for anyone who has information on this .

  2. Same exact rules as where you live now. And yes many, many company still do drug screening. It will never go away until marijuana is federally legal. 
    Luckily the job I got when I moved here didn't even drug test. They only test the union employees. 
  3. Even then it may not go away.  Some jobs do tests for alcohol, and that's 100% legal, and socially accepted.  Even though it's fucked up, an employer has the right to control your private life and tell you what you can and can't do in your off time.  At will employers can basically put in any crazy clause that they want to control their employees, and no one can do anything about it.  
    All drug tests are a clear violation of your 4th amendment rights.  But that doesn't mean shit in this country anymore.  Corporations pay congress, so they get to make the decisions.
    My advice is to stay clean until you get a job.  But go for one that doesn't do random drug tests.  
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    Thanks people that's the answer I was looking for .
    Actually I was looking for the answer some thing like " There has not been a drug screen in Colorado since the 70s" , You get what I mean :)
    Thanks again .
  5. No drug tests for me but yeah making weed legal isn't going to change the fact that people will still prevent us from getting and keeping jobs.
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    What about when I move there a few months down the road and get my medical card ? Would that make a difference ?
    I know most places around here you can come in fcked out of your mind on pain pills ( which im against totally) and as long as you got a prescription the employers really cant do much about it as long as you got the doctors note .
  7. I'm really not sure how they handle that stuff you will have to do some research.
  8.                    Hey ya Beeve...
       Listen man I am going to give you a little advise and I mean this, a job?
    I am 61 years old and have been self employed my entire life. Disabled now, I've have never had a 'job'.
    23 years old I started life with a wheelbarrow a shovel and an old 65 Chevy pick up which cost $400. I landscaped yards, mowed, then installed lawn sprinklers for 15 years, roofed houses for another 15 years and then barely survived 4 murder attempts in a 6 year period so I'm disabled but can still get around.
    I always owned the company, sold all the work, did most of the smaller jobs but had crews for the big ones, collected the money and then went out and found another job. Never married I now live on 25 acres alone but for my horses, hounds and my poultry.
    I grow my own garden, cut my own hair, cook my own food, brew my own beer and I don't get bitched at.
       99% of people won't work that hard in order to be in control of their lives but if you don't like drug tests, bosses, hourly wages and all that crap then think about it... just go out and find some work that needs to be done and do it!
                                                                             Good Luck...
                                                                                               Jack the Knife
                                                                                 {My name is Jack and I make Knives}
                                                                                                need a knife?
    I can respect that on a huge level .
    Thank you for the advice .
    Medical card will make no difference whatsoever, they can still test you for it and you have no protection having a card. If you've ever had your med card, you cannot work for the government nor get any kind of security clearance, ever. This is the main reason that's preventing me from getting my med card. 
    The Colorado registry of medical card holders is protected from disclosure. Law enforcement can request verification only if someone claims to be registered during a legal action or encounter; that's it. But go ahead and keep spouting your bullshit about government jobs and security clearances, somebody'll buy it.
  12. There are two reasons employers drug test, insurance and their own morals.  In a place like CO, it is less likely that an employer would drug test you for the hell of it if you worked a job that didn't require being around heavy machinery.  However, some employers like Walmart that are national will be the same everywhere.  When it comes to jobs that use heavy machinery, like working in a large warehouse or factory, insurance dictates that employees must be drug tested somewhat regularly, and that people be tested if there is an accident.  There is no reason for a business to pay higher insurance premiums so their employees can get high.  They test for booze too, but they can only tell if you're drunk at the time.  If you smoked the day before and some idiot crashes a forklift, you're screwed.  
  13. Spouting bullshit? 
    "Under federal law (Section 3002 of 50 U.S.C. 435b) a current user of illegal drugs can not be granted a security clearance. Using illegal drugs a few months prior to submitting a clearance application form can be considered current use."
  14. How about this bullshit - "If you've ever had your med card, you cannot work for the government nor get any kind of security clearance, ever."
    As opposed to the statute that you just quoted, which says nothing of the sort.
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    Major,,any employer with more than a set number of employees must have a drug screening program for all new hires and random screening because of OSHA and the Safe Workplace Act,,any employer that is working on a federal contract must drug screen all employees,,any transportation company that operates Interstate must have a DOT physical which requires a drug screen and drivers are subject to drug screens at any Weigh Station or Port of Entry,,even at a roadside DOT Inspection if the officer requests it.
    A medical card does not exempt you from those screenings or force an employer to hire you anyway,,you fail and you not only don't get hired they list you in their computer bank that you failed,,,making any attempt to hire at another government job almost a waste of time. And if you do get hired guess whose name is on the random drug screening list every month.
    Once again, just like flickyourbic's reply, you ignore what he said - "If you've ever had your med card, you cannot work for the government nor get any kind of security clearance, ever."
    So, I guess you folks here have some kind of confusion about being a card holder vs. failing a drug test. Do you really believe that there is no card holder anywhere who currently has or ever had a government job or security clearance?
    Lol, stoners crack me up; I guess there's some kind of issue in processing simple logical information.
  17. It isn't just the government was my point,,speaking of not processing simple logic,,there are also Insurance carriers that require drug screening for small companies and I was not disagreeing with what flic said,,,but adding too,,you are the one that seems to have a problem understanding that a medical card is not a free pass to anything but entrance into a dispensary and your name and address on file with the government.
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    Once again, I never said anything of the sort. I'll repeat where I entered this discussion - If you've ever had your med card, you cannot work for the government nor get any kind of security clearance, ever." Can you back this up?
    Lol, over 100,000 current card holders in Colorado; tens of thousands more who've dropped off over the years. And a complete lack of any verifiable cases where confidentiality of the registry was breached.
    Fact is, to be busted here for anything marijuana-related requires an amazing degree of stupidity...which many people seem to be able to achieve. As evidenced by the constant stream of "I got busted 'cause I was stupid" threads, and an absence of "I got busted after being caught up in a nefarious government plot even though my shit was tight" threads.
  19. 33 posts and I have yet to read one of yours, "major," which isn't a trolling pissing match.
    Good form, big man. We love ya for it.

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