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  1. Okay so i came up with this thought. How can we be sure that everyone has the same perception of colors. If i see red as red, someone else might see my blue as his red. And since the only way to describe a color to someone is by saying that color or things that resemble that color, that wont do any good, because the person you are explaining the color too grew up his whole life seeing that thing as red. But in essence his red is your blue.
    For example. You and a friend are walking down a street and see a fire hydrant. You ask him water color it is. He sais red. You also see it as red. But due to genetics or some other shit. His eyes actually see the firehydrant as blue. But his whole life he was taught that that color=red. Its hard as a bitch to explain but you cant ever prove this because no matter what you both are always going say the firehydrant is red. The only thing different is how you percieve the hydrant in your minds. And you would have to cross analyze the color to the word its attached to between the two minds to see if they see the same colors. Which is impossible.

    As if two people are living theyre lives but their eyes have a natural hue which is different for every person. But bwe grew up knowing red as red and thats it.

    It makes me wonder if what i see is actually what everyone else sees. Or if im unique and people see in totally different colors.

    I probably did a shit job of explaining but just posting my thoughts.
  2. Woah. You just blew my mind :O
  3. Search button is quite useful for this topic.......

    But yeah my friends and I had this conversation awhile back

    your purple is my blue

    and your green is my pink :smoke:

    But there are no colors outside of your body, they all exist in the mind.

    Everything is all light-waves, and our mind perceives this and paints the picture in your head. At the speed of light.

    Longest wavelength = violent
    Shortest wavelength = violent
    Then all the other colors in between

    An image in our head based upon the light we are receiving :)
  4. This has been asked THOUSANDS of times lol
  5. fucking wavelengths, how do they work?
  6. stoned as hell and this is just making me go nuts just thinking about it.
  7. Well I know this is a shitty example but bare with me, although this makes sense.. but when racism was a big deal and white folk hated "black" folk doesn't this count as a color? and then why would everyone hate that color "black" if not the same "color"?

    sorry for the example but its all i could think of lol
  8. That kind of exists with colorblind people.
  9. Yeah okay guys the search tool fucking sucks on the ipod and iphone so i gave up on it. Sorry if this was a repost of some sort.
    But yeah idunno i came up with this myself one day. And i had no idea people already posted this on this forum. I know i wasnt the firs one to come up with this obviously. But yeah idunno. Ithought of it a while back and i never could really get it out of my head.
    And black is more of a shade lol. If you turn the lights completly off everyone is going to see black.
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    And yeah it does but thats because of theyre eyes. Im talking about like what if everyones mind percieved color differently. From a mental perspective and not necesarrily a physical perspective.
  11. thought this all the time as a kid
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    I know dude same. It just popped back into my head and im trying so hard right now to find a way to test it. Its gonna be even awesomer while high.
  13. whats it matter if you're looking at the same color and calling it the same thing even if you're not physically seeing the same color? It only matters when someone says "that's green" and everyone else see's it as orange and you go "naw dawg thats orange"

    and then whenever somethings green they call it orange for fear of getting it "wrong" or some shit.

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    Dude wtf? XD
  15. I never thought about this with colors, that's really interesting.

    My "perception theory" covers all of life though. What if you see everything "normal," but I see humans with gelatin bodies, glowing eyes, and clothes made from energy? See what I'm saying?

    Same could be applied with language, too.

  16. There are many 'things' which we share in common. Color for most people.
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    But what you just did there proved your point kinda wrong. You said you see people with gelatin bodies and glowing clothes. So that you mean you can describe and that i can disagree and say that i see them with normal skin and normal skin. And that way you can compare youre two different opinions and debate over it. With colors you cant. You both know red as red and green as green. Even though you see
  18. The colors differently in youre mind you associate them with the familiar word "red" or "blue" and so on.
    But with launguage and sound it might be plausible.

  19. That's what I'm saying. What if language and sound sounds different depending on the person too.
  20. Man this it trippy shit. Ima trying thinking about it tonight after a good dose of firecrackers :smoke:
    Ill tell you all how it goes. I appreciate everyones contribution :)

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