Color spectrums of flourescent lights

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  1. I have a 4 ftx2 ft grow area with 4 plants. I'm running 4 48" T12 flourescent tubes above plants and 4 tubes horizontally across the back wall. If I remember correctly, all 8 tubes are 6500K. I'm planning to flower my plants within a week and would like some advice on the kind of tubes I should get. Should I replace ALL tubes with warm spectrum tubes or just some? What color ratings should I get? I plan to use all flouros for my grow, so don't bother with a "get hps" response; it does me no good.

    Thanks and happy smoking.
  2. you need cool white tubes. the ones you would use in a bathroom.
  3. Thanks! I'm looking into the cool whites right now. Could anyone point in the right direction for information on how the color ratings work?
  4. what do you mean color ratings.?..
    but i think that you should replace all but one set of your shoplights with the warm whites. My first grow was with flouros and i used all warm whites. The best advice i can give you is to make sure you got your lights as close as possible to your plants, and to try and get the lights on the sides as well as the tops as much as possible.
  5. When I say color rating I mean the 6500K, 4200K, 3000K you find on a package of fluorecent tubes. Thanks for advice. I'm going out tomorrow to purchase 8 warm whites. Will place 7 of which in grow box and keeping 1 spare.
  6. BTW, do you remeber the yield from your grow using fluoros? Was the bud descent? I've heard a lot of conflicting testimony about budding with fluoros.
  7. cool whites are for vegetative that person doesnt know what they are talkin about u need warm whites or wide spectrum for flowering, you could use half cool white half wide spectrum or just wide spectrum
  8. Those numbers represent the color temperature of the light, which effectively means the color. High = blue, low=red. 6500k is very blue and good for veg, 2700k is red-orange and good for flower.
  9. i would say all top ones to 2700 or 3000k tubes .. (warm white) and just 1/2 of the sidelites .... imo

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