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Color of your mucus? (5+ years smokers only please)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fatblunts9-5-4, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Sup yall I kno its kinda nasty but help me out please,

    Im a fairly active person, 20 years old but ive been smoking since i was 12...( i kno, wtf was I thinkng? at least im in now college lol) and I smoke probably 4 times a day. Usually, i blaze out of ACd, diffused, perculated water pieces with the occosainal spliff (pure weed, fuck tobbacco) and probaly 2 blunts a week.

    I work out 2-3 times a week, 45 minutes of cardio, 45 minutes of weights. 20 laps in the pool after.

    I dont have a wheezy cough, yet when I do cough up mucus, its seems like pure tar. when i sneezeout of my mouth, theres black and grey spots of resin, but when I sneeze out of my nose the mucus is crrystal clear so I know I dont have an infection. It sure is weird though. :(

    So vets, whats your lungs looking and like and what color is your lung butter?
  2. I'm right around the 5 year mark and I have had occasions I sneezed and had mucus fly out onto the table or something in front of me and it was green with black spots. Usually when I spit something up though it is the color it should be. clear if i'm not sick and green if i am.
  3. Man that is soo sick. But man I can't say much cause I hack up brown, yellow, clear stuff. But look here is the deal. You think you don't have an infection. Here is a possiblilty. From personal experince I will tell you that chronic broncitous will make your shit always nasty looking. I been to the doctor he tells me my lungs sound good. I don't have a sinus infection 24/7. I do get them alot because I have alleregies. Its always worse when I have a sinus infection. But since I was 19 or so I have suffered from chronic broncuitus. Usually most of the time during the winter I stay somewhat sick. I am by no means comparing me to you because you work out and I do not. But you might look into that or check with your doctor next time you are there.
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    NO, no...your lungs are just cleaning themselves out. Since you have been smoking for so long it does have some effect on your lungs still. Therefore, your lungs are cleaning out some of the tar by coughing it up. I hack up mucus with black tar spots in it sometimes also. That just means my lungs are trying to clean themselves out a little bit. Like during wrestling season for me this happens a lot because 6 day workouts intense cardio training, I did this a lot at that time so this has happened to me a decent amount before.

  5. yeah? Youve been smoking for five years and never coughed up anything discolored? I dont know why people lie man, weeds great and very medicinal but its a smoke and no kind of smoke is good for your lungs, and there no way youve never coughed up tar or your lungs would comletely black.
  6. thats what I thought you know? Maybe becuase I work out, my body expels toxins more productively? hmm....
  7. clear.
    Except when i have infections,then green.
  8. Well Thats what I think unless your feeling under the weather...because I experienced this too. I smoke about an eig th every couple of days and this does occur to me and my conclusions are my lungs are just trying to cleanthemselves out because as you said your active...well I am an active individual also. But I am not doctor or anything so I am not 100% sure
  9. Every since I quit cigarettes over 10 years ago my lungs and mucus are just fine. Normal, translucent gray/white mucus unless I'm sick.

    Been smoking canna for 30 years.
  10. i never have mucus unless i have a cold...

    sometimes i cough really fucking hard to the point where it feels like my body is trying to vomit and sometimes clear saliva comes up but that's about it.
  11. yea it happens to me all the time... except i dont work out at all. and i smoke cigarettes oh well
  12. Not heathly mate, better pop to senior docy doc docs quicky quick quick... or just blaze a phat joint and hope that clears it............:smoking:
  13. Yeah coughing up all that nasty shit is better than keeping it in. Just google that shit. I got scared to, its just from smoking ALOT of bud.
  14. I too have actually been realizing mucus with dark/tar looking crud, i have been smoking for around 9 years now, mostly bongs, or glassware, the occasional joint, or blunt if someone else is rolling it and putting the weed in, and i dont smoke cigarettes (anymore, quit about 3-4 years ago). I'm not worrying too much because I don't smoke ciagrettes but still gives me a little spook when i see it. i just figure its from taking big bonghits all day :bongin:
  15. its called a vaporizer... why spend 200-300$ on glass when u can spend the same or less and get a great vape and NOT have lung problems..
  16. i used to get the discolored mucus when i was smoking straight blunts but i now have a bong/vape and it seems to be clear(ish) again
  17. you need to see someone if you are coughing up what appears to be pure tar


    most people will cough up a clear phlegm with small brown spots in
  18. clear with mixed in black shit, always.

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