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  1. Okay ima complete newb at growing, but what color should seeds be to be good for growing? Someone told me they have to be green to grow well, and someone else said brown. or does it matter? i feel stupid for asking this so sorry :/ thank you in advance to anyone who isnt mean to me!
  2. They should look like normal seeds. Green to brown with paterns on them, not damaged or cracked or old-looking. Other than this there are no secrets.

    Good luck!
  3. Viable seeds are grey to brown, may have spots or stripes.
    Green or white seeds are immature and unlikely to germinate.
  4. to add to the previous poster, also, the seeds of sativas tend to be smaller and pale, while indicas tend to be darker and tiger striped when fully ripend
  5. Can´t say I have ever noticed that to be the case.
  6. Have never really looked for or noticed that in the past but will try to pay more attention in the future. Always willing to learn more - so thanks.

    + rep to you sir for the thought provoking post. :)

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