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Color-Changing Glass?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by BigBlaze, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. My friend bought a new color-changing spoon. It's small (about 3 inches long).

    About how many times do you need to smoke out of one to turn it into it's final colors? I know there's no exact number, but is it like 50 times, 100 times, or thousands?
  2. Depending on the piece, I guess it doesnt really take that long, Maybe 10 times to get most of the color. Thats how its been in my experience
  3. Really? I figured it took many, many times.
  4. Resin on the glass shows the color more, and resin takes a while to build up. So that would make the glass look more colored, but I prefer to keep my pieces clean
  5. To answer your question I'd say it is in the hundreds amount of times for the final colors... in other words the colors will be the darkest they can get from the resin completely covering the inside of the spoon.

    some color changers are really fast, as they are not TRUE color changers... the colors are already there and as it gets darker you just see more and more.

    real color changers however, actually change colors, may strart off as one shade but other colors start filling in, etc.
  6. The color changing is just a darkening of the glass because of the dirty parts of the smoke, the resin building up. It isn't "final" in anyway, as soon as you clean it it will return to normal color (maybe a bit dirtier than new).

    But it depends how dirty it gets from different weed, how often you clean it, and how frequently you use it.
  7. Yea I'm not talking about resin build-up... just the actual glass color.
  8. the glass color doesn't actually change, colors just stand out because of the res build up
  9. I had a old bowl, it was blue and yellow when i got it, about 3-4 months later it was just starting to get baby blue/white colors in parts of the bowl. So it matters, sometimes its fast some times it takes forever, my bowl would take like a year. I got rid of it for 40$ which i paid 25 for it :D

  10. depends on the size of the piece. bigger = longer
  11. Yea it does.
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    Coloring changing glass changes colors with heat and light.

    Resin doesn't change the colors at all.
    Resin acts as an incubator, which retains the heat slightly longer than normal, and provides a dark canvas for the color to reflect off of, giving the illusion that it's actually changing colors cause of the resin. (it's not)


    there is some references

    How would it change with resin? Some other guy was stating that different types of weed would change the color intentionally. You do realize that manufacturing a pipe that changes color when exposed to marijuana resin is souly drug paraphernalia and illegal to sell in the US.
    Resin build up gives off the impression it is changing colors. It's not, resin provides a dark surface for the light to to reflect from, and if anything, may restrict light from passing through, causing it to reflect off the glass more intensely. You could technically achieve the same effects by throwing in a rock or other dark object doing the same thing the resin would do. Therefor the resin itself is not changing the color.

    Dale, you do realize that light is color correct?
  13. How would it change color with light? ANd how would it change color with heat and then stay said color?

    There are metals and colors blown into the glass that change depending on the darkness/opaqueness of the backdrop ie: getting dirtier.

  14. NO! The glass you guys are talking about is not "COLOR CHANGING GLASS" The colors are already there, just the darkening reveals more and more.

    NOW, true COLOR CHANGING GLASS, such as Chameleon Glass, actually changes colors the more you smoke. It may start shading blue, but then greens, yellows, and reds start to fill in. These pipes are generally more expensive, and a lot of inexperienced glass owners confuse true color changing glassware with those glass pieces that just reveal whats already there the darker it gets.

    I only own 1 true color changer, but the rest of my pieces are that darkening color stuff. The color changer is my best piece by far, perhaps I'll post pics one day to show the difference... its actually very noticable, I'm shocked this even a debate.
  15. I think perhaps the mistake in differentiating between actual color changers and the pieces that just have colors that fill in with more resin prob came from when glass started getting really popular at least for my generation.

    The first stuff that came out was what is common today - the glass that has colors in it (achieved by blowing in different metals - the best use gold and silver or platinum, cheaper uses magnesium, nickel, copper, iron) and as you allow resin to build up inside, the darkness from the backdrop and the light reflecting from the front reveal the different colors represented by the metals.

    Then I remember the REAL color changers started coming out, the most popular being chameleon glass. Regardless of resin, these babies will actually change colors. The whole pipe will fill in blue, then change to a red, and then have some orange, etc. They had slides, bubblers, and bowls like this but they were always more expensive than the cheaper glass I mentioned above.

    Anyway, my theory was that perhaps as years went by people just confused the two. I could see how this would be easy. When you buy a pipe, and it starts out mostly clear except for like the lines that already drawn in... and then as you smoke it turns a color. But it doesn't CHANGE colors. It goes from clear to lets say green. Wheras real color changers start off already colored for the most part! Then they start shifting colors the more you smoke, cool huh? But perhaps the confusion came just because of the fact that color appears in both type of glass pieces, and they look very similar.

    But for it to be considered color changing glass, imo... it should usually be a pipe that is already colored when you buy it, but changes colors - not shades - the more you smoke.
  16. What makes this glass change colors?
  17. The heat-absorbing paint that colors the glass itself?

    I don't think pipes are blown with just glass. They make the patterns with a paint-type substance, which can change color if it's the right kind.
  18. Yeah, i was wondering what people were talking about colour only changing from resin. Ive cleaned my pipe many times and it always retains its new colours. My friend visited the states for vacation, and he picked it up at a flea market for 20.
  19. I can't understand how glass would change color because of temperature and then retain the color while the temperatures go back to normal. Plus wouldn't the pipe change colors completely if you just sat there heating it a lot? That doesn't seem to be what does it.
  20. I've never had a glass piece that actually changed colors. I've noticed color arising in spots that were clear before. I think that is due to resin...and the heat. But mostly resin

    I have this bong that was completely clear when I bought it. I clean this bong every 2-3 days, and ever since its first use it has had a small ring of blue at the top that doesnt ever go away when I clean it. So I conclude that glass can actually change color and stay that way, while resin makes the color "look" more prevalent

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