Color changing glass * The before and after thread*

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  1. Man I love 2009 threads.
  2. How do i post pics? I got an amazing hand blown "hammer" which hasn't changed just yet since I only use it for hash and doesn't have much resin but want to post it once its truly been broken in :p Or when I cave this friday and just burn down a forrest with it haha
  3. Upload them to then click the button that looks like a moutain and the sun when posting. It'll ask for the link then insert it.
  4. Thanks man :D I hope to share with y'all soon

  5. THAT, is a magnificent chillum
    I'm jealous... :)
  6. yeah... where the fuck can i get one of those???
    i love that

  7. I used to have a bubbler that had the ribbon looking shit in it! I wish i had a picture, but i ended up trading it for some nug (hard times, ya dig?). Yeah, it had eight of those ribbons and the body reminded us of a squid. So we ended up naming it Squidapuss. You know, like octopus and squid....yeah, anyways we got this piece a couple days ago. it's already started to turn a little blue from a creamish color.

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  8. I just picked up a CCG pipe from one of my local shops & thought I'd share its journey!
    I only have a picture of it new right now.
    Once she starts changing, I will post a new picture! :)
    Here she is brand new:
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  9. I remember this thread....
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    Well I broke her.
    I was trying to scrape out all the resin that was building up in the bowl with a screwdriver. I ended up sticking it too far down the hole and twisted it, thus creating a huge fucking hole instead of the tiny hole at the bottom of your bowl.
    Not to worry though. It was just an accidental modification that is actually beneficial.
    I popped in a screen & the screen is just big enough to cover the entire hole. It was like a screen patch.
    I pop some bud in the bowl, light it up & holy shit! The amount of oxygen going through that bowl at such a short time is intense.
    I nicknamed her the Quickhitter...
    She will quickly give you a lung filler!

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