Color changing glass * The before and after thread*

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Alexyonfire!, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. :wave:
    so anyone have any pics of there color changing glass before and after its been rez'ed up?
    I love seeing the changing and im sure many ppl do too.
    Here's mine.


  2. thats pretty cool
  3. I love blue pipes. +rep for before and after
  4. looks sweet, funny how both pics the pipe is the same place
  5. Spongebob looks so evil in the second picture...

  6. Thanks!

    Haha yeah, i tryed to make it the best as possible :smoking:

    Dudeeee!, i didint even see spongebob in the second pic :eek:
  7. that looks so siiick!
  8. very nicee! yeah i had a color changing piece but it broke :/
  9. Where's everyone elses *before and after* photo's ):
  10. Aw, I don't have a color-changing piece, but I want one. :)
  11. Mine was like, 8.95$?
    At a headshop.
  12. hahaha :hello:

    WAIT i have that same sponge bob!!!
  13. I'm only three days in right now...[​IMG]

  14. Woah there buddy, thanks for making mine look like crap.

    Thats a sick fucking pipe!
  15. There is already a thread exactly like this, do a search next time.

  16. Do i look like i give a fuck?
  17. and then they'd get flamed for bringing up an old ass thread. gtfo
  18. oh come on, there's a lot of threads for a lot of shit, don't expect the man to post on the thirtieth page of a dead-ass thread just to keep the thread count low.
  19. wow that's tight.

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