Color Changing Chillum

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  1. Picked up this chillum in manhattan today... The guy even took it and threw it at the ground, and of course, nothing happened :cool:
    its gonna be nice all resin'd up :hello:


  2. nice piece man
  3. beautiful chillum! i don't think i'd buy a piece after it had been thrown on the ground.
  4. Haha this.

  5. they do it at a shop here too. they have wood floors though so its kinda misleading cause there super soft wood floors. but they say every pipe they sell can withstand a 5 foot drop so they 'prove' it to you by dropping it on there soft wood floor to prove how strong it is. just another gimmick i think.
  6. WOW thats leegit!!!!!!!
  7. damn thats nice

  8. A 5 foot drop; meaning 1 5 foot drop.

    Haha kidddding :p
  9. damn bro that's a really cool looking chillum! how much was it?
  10. That's awesome. I love chillums. Have fun with that.

  11. it was marked for $30, but the guy said he'd give it to me for $25.. I probably could've gotten it for $20 maybe, but I was exhasuted:cool:

    thanks everyone :hello:
  12. You should have been like since you threw it on the ground can I get it for $20.

  13. ahah that would have been a good idea :p
  14. Damn 25 sounds expensive. The expensive ass head shop in my town has chillums like that for 9.99. Nice pickup though!
  15. very nice. im looking for one myself. post some pics when the colors start to show
  16. Thats an awesome chillum! I really like the second picture of it.
  17. X2. i love fuming. i can't wait to see how this piece changes.
  18. sweeeet, you have good taste in pieces!!

  19. I'm sure it was expensive, but i have no complaints :cool:
  20. Feelin the colors Nice man enjoy.

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