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  1. I'm looking for a new cologne... I haven't gone to the store to smell samples yet but I like the sound of Burberry Sport Ice, it's got notes of cedar, frozen ginger, and musk.

    But Ralph Lauren Red looked interesting too, that's supposed to be chocolate and musk, and sort of spicy.

    So help me out blades, let me know what you wear, what it smells like, what you would recommend.

  2. Cool water deep
    Armani code
    Gucci by gucci
    Very sexy for him (victoria secret so make a girl buy it for you)
    Aqva by Bvlgari
    Polo black
    Locoste red

  3. Can you describe them a little bit?
  4. I would recommend anything from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - they are the cannabis of perfumerie, and the perfume counter stuff is the 'Big Pharma'.
  5. Bora Bora is kinda fruity n sweet. Good shit

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