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  1. Well ive been seeing alot of threads about where people are going to college in the fall and i thought id just start a thread where everyone can post their college choices.

    I am attending Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wa

  2. University of Tampa..cant wait for Florida.
  3. WWesterns where its at man. savage parties, dank buds, short trip to the border and Seattle.I might see you up there in a year or two,

    depends when i get the funds:smoking: peace

  4. My friend is going there in the fall too...

    For me its University of Colorado Boulder, where all that 4-20 drama went down. Next year on 4-20, if they ask me to stay off the lawn, I'm staying off the mother fucking lawn...
  5. haha cool dude, i've been to the bellingham campus. it's nice

    i actually live like 2 hrs drive away (seattle ;))
  6. Roanoke College in Virginia. located close to what was formerly "moonshine capital of america" , but now appalachian region is full of bomb ass weed since moonshine aint sellable anymore.
  7. Pasadena Community College :/
  8. I am transferring to Miami University :smoke:
  9. says who?
  10. My dad's alma mater. Good choice, I'd go there, but can't afford any out of state tuition (hell I can't afford instate) But I have a friend who is up at Oxford attending Miami, so i might stop by sometime.

    In the mean time, community college bitches!!!!
  11. heh yeah, although i will be living in a house in oxford, i will be attending the hamilton campus(cuz its cheap as fuck) then junior year when i get my gpa up ill switch to the main campus

  12. wookies my 2 best friends are going there, they are both really chill people
  13. the school of the art institute of chicago...cant wait to be in the ciitty!
  14. Ean, what happened to you going to CU? atleast i thought that was where u were going?
  15. I was actually going to go to UBC but last weekend my parents went to visit and some random kid offered my dad a joint and then he found out that weed was as he said "growing on the trees there" so they didnt want me going there and having weed be so abundant
  16. sounds like all the more reason to say fuck the rents and head there to me :smoke:
  17. yeah at the same time though they think that wester washingto is this little protective bubble. this guy i worked with all summer goes there and when i went to visit we build this huge bonfire and blazed some of the best weed ive ever had. and since im not defying the rents they'll help me pay for college
  18. San Francisco State yo!
  19. R to the I to the T

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