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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Infyrno, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So I'm leaving Saturday morning to move in to College and I may or may not have to be transporting and stashing some weed. It's like a 3 hour drive down there and my whole family is going in one Van. And advice on how to get it down there or how to keep it safe in my dorm?
  2. air tight jar FTW.
  3. airtight jar or if you have bags and such.... im sure a bag of weed in the middle of a shit load of clothes and such won't smell up the car....

    if it does, just shit yourself... that'll distract anyone from the weed smell :)

  4. Be cool man. Just put it in your backpack or some shit.

    As for your room. Get a lockbox. Ordinary people become fucking master thieves in college. I've gone through 3 iPods, a few sacks of bud, and a few hundred dollars AT LEAST.
  5. How much are you moving? I would ziploc it, taking out all the air. Then get a freezer bag and put the zip in that. Then put that in an airtight mason jar. Then put that in your bag of clothes. Should be good after that. Good luck:)

    EDIT: Get a lockbox. My roommate and I were lucky enough last year to have an electrical panel in our wall that we could slide around. We stored shit in there until all of our friends and then some people knew about it. I am relying on my lockbox this year. Oh, and drier sheets work wonders to cover smell.
  6. Go to wal-mart go into the kitchen area and buy a small glass jar ( the ones that have the lid with the plastic ring around it to make it air tight). I just got one and you cant smell anything, and the minute i open it my room smells of weed so it must be working. also if your in collage DO NOT USE incense. sure it will gt rid of the smell but most collages don't let you and if some one smelled that they WOULD know whats going down and its just suspicious. use some Febreeze air sanitizer. It works great for weed and for non weed smells. People wont think twice. also dryer sheets and a toilet paper tube work well to as posted above.

    -AK ninja
  7. [​IMG]

    This is the jar i was talking about.

    -AK Ninja
  8. You might want to pick up an airtight glass jar anyway. I hear it is much better for storing weed than any kind of plastic.
  9. what they said
    but buy a lockbox too

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