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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leif, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. So I finish up high school in November, and I'm going to take classes at the community college this spring. I think about this shit a lot when I'm high and realized that I should get degrees in computer graphics and journalism, to write for some weed magazine. I'm a great writer already and when you throw in weed I get so much better. How easy do you think getting a job writing for them would be? Even if it means writing for a smaller grass mag. That would be a good start, and it'd get me good references to get better jobs.
  2. I would assume that if you didn't know anyone at the mag, it would be a little more difficult getting the position. But don't let that stop you from achieving your goals! You don't want to be almost 30 with no degree.
  3. just try your best and be as assertive as possible only you can invision your dreams coming true so work at it and it will become a reality
  4. Like someone said, picking a specific career like that is hard. There isn't a demand for pot magazine writers.

    But a degree in computer graphics... You could do ANYTHING with that. Minor in programming and you'd be set to work for microsoft or SUN or something.
  5. Create you own site about whatever aspect of marijuana you're most interested in, put it out there and put the url on your resume. That will help you more than I could tell you!
  6. Computer graphics has always been my first choice. There's more of a demand for it and it's something I've always liked to do. I've got mad skills with photoshop. I've wanted to do something like make shirt designs, CD covers, and logos for bands and stuff, although that may not be completely steady. With a degree in graphic design I can pick up other jobs, too, and make more money. I just think getting a degree in journalism while I'm at it could benefit me, too. Even if it isn't a pot magazine, I could still find something to do with writing.

  7. Shit dude, I've already got a blog on my Myspace (yes, I actually have one) I wrote about legalization, I could use something like that.

    I'll have to make a portfolio of all my writings, that's a start. And to everyone saying demand isn't high, maybe so, but I am, so time for some of my logic. Those places, like any other job, want the best workers they can get. If my writing is better than someone already there, and they see that, they may consider hiring me in place of that other person. It'd suck taking someone's job by being better at something than them, but that's just how the world works. I'm not greedy, I just want an enjoyable career that makes me the money I need to get by. Gotta make bud money somehow...

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