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  1. I'm halfway through grade 11. So far I've been doing not-so-good (70s mostly), but I want to make it to university so I'm gonna try really hard this semester and next year. My question is, if your marks from 1st semester of grade 11 are bad, but are good for 2nd sem. gr.11 and gr.12, could you still have a chance for college?
    This is pot related in the sense that my daily pot smoking made me lazy and careless, which is why I did so crappily.
  2. *sigh* you should have studied more
  3. There is definetly still a chance for college, even a good one. What you have to do is get your GPA to at least a 2.8, try for a 3.0 though. NExt step, study for your SATS!! If you get a reasonably good score it'll raise your chances exponentially. ENJOY!
  4. your marks are fine for college.. dont stress
  5. you'll be ok as long as you're not applying for havaad. :) keep working hard, take the SAT's a few times until you're satisfied w/ your score.

    extracurricular activities (clubs, community service) look GREAT on applications too.

    good luck!
  6. Yah agree. If your grades do get better you may be able to convince them your turning around and getting more serious about school. Although about halfway through next year yer grades will mean diddly squat so start now. SAT scores are really important. That's gonna be pretty critical, if you can manage to get high enough scores it will help you ALOT. Mostly it's like an intelligence test but studying for it can help you a little. Also take it a few times as mostly they just take the highest verbal and add it to the highest math score for your total score and consider that. I was pretty lucky and got 1410 first time, aughta help me cauz I got about an 80 average and nooooo extra-cerricular(sp?) activities. =) Lazy lazy lazy...
  7. First of all, I think it kicks ass that you want to improve your grades for college. Good for you! Secondly, you'll be fine. With your new attitude towards your grades and the extra effort you're willing to put forth, you'll have a great chance at anything you go for in life.

    Good luck with it all and never let anyone tell you that you can't do it!!!!
  8. yes, if you work hard you will see the fruits of your labor in your grades and acceptance letters. Put your shoulder to the grindstone friend. :)

  9. OMG I can't wait for college. I'm a senior and have just pretty much quit caring about high school. Having an apartment with 3 of my friends is going to kick ass! A 24/7 party and killer glass bong that we will all chip in will make college worth the time I put in on studying in high school.
  10. it does depend on what college you want to apply. it also depend on extra ciricular activities. are you a part of anything in your HS? try to bring your grades up as much as you can, but I was worse off then you and did extremely well on my SATs. you seem like an intelligent person, (lol, Im relating and taking this from the fact you called yourself "lazy" and assuming you do think you are smart enough to pull your grades up, just LAZY! thats exaclty how I was. wasnt dumb, just a lil lazzzzy) so Id think youd do pretty good on the SATs. and honestly, dont stress over "studying" for them, I strongly believe they are something you can not just sit down and study for.
  11. i got into university here in alberta with mid 70s, they really dont focus hard on your marks, if they see youre a decent student they look at other things like what you do around the community and stuff. i landed a job with my school for 3 years, that really helped :)
    so yeah, im sure youll get in, and good luck.
  12. actually I heard that if you dont get good grades in high school but then get better grades afterward it looks better to some colleges because they think you will do better in college.

  13. this IS true. the thing is highschool is a bunch of bullshit rhetoric that tenyear techers just wanna pass off (not to all, I had a few that did care, lol, but bitter about the lot that didnt care) college, personally, after getting in with a extremely low gpa of 1.9 I raised it to a avg 3.3. many of my highschool frinds said the same and the college buddies I met, said the same...and recruiters do know this...not everything lies on gpa. like I said before, theyre are smart people, maybe lazy at times when it comes to the boring mundane ciricumlum and structure highschool brigns to the table
  14. while were on the subject of college, ive got some questoins of my own.... how does changing schools in the middle of my sophmore year look on a transcript? (ive got straight A's so far thru highschool) AND .....Would it really be THAT detrimental to my transcript if i got kicked out of my new boarding school and got sent to 12 straight monthes of military school?....still with straight A's.. im just wondering cuz the second one is a VERY strong possibility in my near future. and i think that would look pretty damned shitty to most ivy league schools, 1 public school, 1 boarding school, and 1 military school, all in one year. i want to go to pepperdine pretty badly, but my family has a really strong legacy to duke....yall think it woudl still be possible to go to either of those?

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