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  1. \t\t\t\t\t\t\tWell, I'm a grade 12 student who wants to attend college next year. I can't go to Uni because I've taken all applied classes and it would be hard financially. I'm trying to debate between a school 10mins from me and one 2 hrs away. I don't like the social life I have around here and I think that if I stayed here I would just go to school, come home and do nothing (or go to work if I can find a job). There's a few people I know who live at home while going to college / uni and they say it's hard to meet people and generally still only talk to people they knew from HS. This school would probably cost me between 3k-3.5k. I also really don't like living at home but it's tolerable considering the money I would be saving. The school 2-3 hrs away on the other hand, seems to offer an amazing social life but at the price of Res (~7k / yr). This only includes a place to stay, a $1200 meal plan, and a bus pass. It would probably be somewhere around $12k for my first year and maybe a bit cheaper for the second year since I could live off campus. I'm very confused on which route I should take and deadlines are approaching quickly. The programs I'm interested in are Accounting (my main interest - just listing others incase someone has experience with them), Finance, Law Clerk, or Paralegal. Any advice you guys can offer on what I should do? I'm probably going to get about 1k because of how much my parents make + being the first person in my fam to go to college / uni. OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) will loan me the rest of the costs and I will have to start repaying them 6 months after I graduate.
    Thanks in advance! \t\t\t\t\t\t​

  2. If you have a good relationship with your parents stay at home.

    Actually even if you just have a working relationship with them, stay in your hometown. It feels like home, plus if you need something you can go to your rents house.

    Independence is great, but so is having parents that love you. If you're fortunate enough to have that, don't throw it away.
  3. I have a good relationship with them but I also argue with them a lot & having 5 ppl in an apartment causes problems. Also I forgot to mention that I've been to London (where the other school is) a few times and loved it. Haven't visited the school yet though.
  4. Sometimes it's nice going a little ways away. Especially if you don't like the people in your area and want to live in a new environment. I don't like the people in my area and tried taking classes nearby living at home and I was miserable.

    I could see how that would be a shitty situation.
  5. your so lucky :(
  6. going to school in london is worth however much you have to pay

    remember you'll be living in london for the entire time. people pay out the asshole to do that without even having the benefit of school

    and believe me, if youve never been out in london, it is the single greatest thing i can think of. the list of 10/10 clubs are literally endless.

    i just hope you like beer, drugs and house music cause if you do you will have the best three years of your life

    i literally go through all the trials and tribulations of life just so that at the end of the week i've done enough work or made enough money to go out on the weekend

    if you want some info on hotspots to hit just let me know i'll hook you up
  7. take the debt, its unavoidable anyway. plus youll be much happier and can pay that shit off later
  8. wait what the fuck are we talking about london as in the capital city of england or some faggy city in america which some bitch ass invader named after his home town?
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    I'm thinking it would be miserable for me too. And then what, you get a job and just work? I feel like I'm at an age where I should be living it up. I haven't liked hanging out with people in my area for like 2 years now and it's pretty depressing. As cheesy as it sounds, what's the price of happiness? :D


    Haha, it's a city in Canada.

    That's what I'm thinking but it's such a big step, I really don't want to regret it. I have like $4k available atm so if I stayed in my area I would only be in debt on the second year.
  10. I go to University on Vancouver Island, and started right after grade 12. Being on your own right away is pretty damn tough. I'd definitely agree with staying home for a year or two if you have a good relationship with your parents. Get a job, save up some money. I had a nice scholarship and bursary waiting for basically the university of my choice, so I was lucky, however I still find it hard to balance everything.

    Also, if you're talking about London Ontario, I suggest against it.
  11. What's wrong with London? I do have a bit of money saved up although I'm trying to get a job atm & if I can balance a social life / school / and a job there I will.
  12. You only live once, make the most out of it man. I'm trying to figure out where I want to go...
  13. Gonna try to! :) What are your options?

  14. Nothing's wrong with London, but I find big cities can be hard to deal with when first starting out. Whatever your preference though
  15. Ohh I see. London actually has sort of a small town feel for me, I'm from Toronto lol. How are you finding your uni experience so far though? And do you live on res or off campus housing?
  16. Pretty much have my mind made up but gonna bump incase anyone else has input!

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