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  1. Lately im having trouble in college, cant seem to stay focused or even care for that fact. I've changed my major like 3x and still not satisfied with my major. Im technically a senior but in regards to my major i have 2 more years to go... I've tallied a $15k debt so far which really isnt that bad for 4 years but im looking for some insight from the people... you.

    My hearts not into it and i really dont want to start working full time at $10 (at best) an hour with a 15k debt without graduating... What would you do in this situation? Should i just try to stick it out? Try something new? Did you go to college? Graduate? Worth it?

    Im just looking for some thoughts, maybe some inspiration, idk... I feel like ive wasted too much time to call it quits and dont want to do it in vain but i also hate school. Nothing stresses me like it does, and i feel like im letting everyone down w/o graduating... Post what you feel thanks

    EDIT: why does growing up have to suck so bad
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    All of the kids I know whom have dropped out of school to work never get back to classes.

    Stick with it.

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  3. Don't give up.

    Try to get motivated again Bro come on lets go!!""""!!!!!!!!!!"""""""""""""!!!!"""!
  4. If I were you I wouldn't be able to live myself after spending all that time at school for nothing. Find yourself a major that has realistic career opportunities and see where that takes you. Good luck
  5. stick it out bro it will pay off
  6. Don't go if its not free. Especially if you're taking debt. Get someone to explain the economics of aiming for $10 an hour and taking out debt to get there. If you have no academic interests, and you're not naturally excellent at something, then get a job and don't waste your financial future. It happens to a lot of young people who have unrealistic expectations of a degree. Don't be an idealist at the cost of a life of debt.
  7. 15k is not a lot of money

    and dont drop out because real life is sooooo much worse than college

    you dont even understand.
  8. See if your school offers trade skills

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