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College Toking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pdubz23, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hey Everybody,

    Just bought a new Easy vape vaporizer for my first year of college. I was wondering if there is any good way of getting it down to my dorm without it being sketchy. its a medium sized box vape and id rather not just put it in a suitcase where my parents could unpack it. (they will probably be looking to see if i try to sneak anything down.) any tips or experiences would be helpful. so excited for this so i hope it goes smoothly.

    P.s. i am attending University of Dayton. anyone know of the atmosphere or risk involved in smoking at dayton or any other medium sized catholic university. the student population is pretty liberal. when i visited and stayed it seemed to be very safe.

  2. Just a suggestion, but you should buy a laundry bag if not already to place your vape. Then, use for your dirty laundry you won't want to wash.
  3. 1) Febreeze and dryer sheets
    2) Know the campus security/cops before you toke. Know where they like to hang out, if they do random patrols, etc.
    3) Know your RA. Try to find out if they enforce rules, or if they are more relaxed about it

    As for vaping, it's very easy to do in the dorms.

    Put the vape in a backpack with school stuff (books, binders, etc). Or in a box with other college shit.
  4. thanks that helps alot but does anyone know how to get it from my house to college. thats the only thing i am sketchy about. it will be fine im sure once im down there. dirty laundry sounds like a damn good idea once im down there

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