College Students - Dorm Advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bbiscuit, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Woohoo, starting college in August!
    I'm starting to prepare and shop for stuff for my dorm and stuff, but I'm an extremely indecisive person.  Right now I'm looking at posters and have no idea which ones to buy, haha
    Like, what is the norm for dorm decorating/pictures/posters? What kinds of posters do people usually put up? I was told putting a platform 9 3/4 poster on my wall would be immature but fuck them anyway. I'm torn between that and/or maybe one of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman or one of Captain America, because I like sexy men in spandex that kick ass, ok? Or maybe a Nirvana or Led Zepelin poster? Or a combination of posters? Goddamn I'm so indecisive with tiny things I'm sorry
    Haha anyway, do you have any general tips for dorming? Roommates? Any items I should bring that are easily forgotten about?
    Anyone else in the class of '13 on here? Congrats!

  2. I had a couple weed posters, a couple music posters and a couple posters of hot girls back when i was in the dorm in college.  it looked nice having my wall filled with all that good stuff.
    my roommate had an italian flag on his wall but he was a tool so dont do that. get creative yo, the more the better if you got the room
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    yeah im in the class of 13

    Still going to so many grad parties


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  4. Honestly just get whatever you want your room to look like dude! Thats all on you to decide what represents you. My room says a lot about my personality. And im also baked.  :bongin:
  5. hahaha it's great right?
  6. I had a giant 8'x12' tapestry in my first dorm room. Still have it somewhere...
  7. Alex Grey and Tool posters for me
  8. I was gonna tell you how I was captain of the wrestling team in highschool. And how I was a badass in Spandex. Then I got to the bottom of your post that said class of 2013.

    Now I feel like an old creepy perv. Gee thanks bbiscuit. GHAAA.
  9. hahahaha omg I'm sorry! when did you graduate? hahahaha
  10. 05 lol IM not old......just way older than you! Haha
  11. yeah I guess I'm a youngster in terms of this site, haha! 
  12. Naa there's plenty of 12yo here! Hahaha

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