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College Students: Anyone Not Toke While School Is In Session?

Discussion in 'General' started by SoCalPatient, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Please no highschoolers. So am I alone in this or are there other people out there who either don't toke at all during school or just a few times throughout the semester/quarter? I just find that I'm able to give my all, concentrate better and stay on track when I just flat out quit when school starts. College is a lot of work, and it's mostly easy but if I'm stoned all the time I find it easy to slack off and fall behind.

    So am I alone here? I know for damn sure I'm a minority of potsmoking college students here.
  2. If I have a semester with classes M-F I usually leave Friday night and Saturday as my smoking days while school is in session.

    This semester I only have M-W but we'll see.

    I find that its easier to use the extra work of school as tolerance break/time to save money. Still make the same ammount of money working but just dont spend that extra cash here and there on munchie food since I'm smoking way less
  3. Not to contradict myself but I also have to toke a few times throughout the semester. So if the semester is 3 months I'll toke 1-3 times. It like refreshes my brain and I feel like I just started the semester and haven't been working my ass off the past few months if that makes sense. It's all about finding a balance IMO.

    I used to envy those people who can smoke everyday with a fulltime schedule. And then I compared my grades to theirs, laughed, and praised my system. :devious:
  4. for me, marijuana and school are a must combo. I love wakin n bakin and walking through campus on a beautiful morning. Makes class more pleasent too.
  5. haha last semester on the last 2 weeks I caved and actually started just blazing every day & going to class blazed every day lol It's fun but too much of it can be a bad thing imo. I still ended up with straight A's last semester so it's all good:D
  6. Yea I kinda know what you mean. I don't usually smoke as much during the week when I'm at school as I normally would... usually just the weekend. I think its a combination of wanting to get work done, not eating until I'm in a food coma, and being pretty much broke all the time. I don't think you're alone with this:)
  7. Marijuana has never seemed to hurt my work and class grades and I have smoked through the last 5 or so semesters daily. Helps reduce my stress and keep me fresh after doing days of research work in the lab. I definitely understand your logic though.

  8. Yep, thats why I try and keep it to the weekends, makes for a nice little relaxing reward. Sadly I completely forgot about my possible internship this semester which puts me inside a power station for a few a days a week so because of OSHA I may have to pee in a cup.
  9. Waking and baking is the only reason I actually go to lectures. Instead of playing brick breaker on my phone, I pay attention.
  10. Always have to find a good phone game for lecture.
  11. I didn't start smoking daily until I got to college, my friend has a vape and we just vape and play fifa every night, but i usually make sure to get all my shit done before i go to his room
  12. For me I pretty much smoke 1.5g of dank in one week if I am in school. If I am out on a break I smoke 1/8 or more. So I slow down a lot but still smoke at night. I live in a dorm and smoking at night helps me calm down from the day.
  13. Does your name have anything to do with you being a pledge?

    And I suggest just the weekends in my opinion. I was at a point in college where I was high 24/7 and got 0 work done. Plus it keeps your tolerance down. Just take a lot of adderall during the weekdays:D haha
  14. No my name is part of my last (birth given) name. I try to not smoke during the day and I make sure that I in no way smoke instead of doing something that I should be doing. Also if I dont have much work, my friends and I plug in my vape and smoke in my dorm room. Good times.
  15. Grad school, and I do abstain from smoking while at school. I love weed, but it clouds my head, and there's no fucking way that I'm going to let getting stoned get in the way of becoming a good doctor. No fucking way.
  16. I only smoked a few times my first semester of college and it sucked so I started smoking almost every day the next semester and then again this last semester and my GPA has stayed between a 3.4 - 3.5 every semester.

    No, it's not a 4.0 and I know that I could do better, but the issue of my porcrastination and overall laziness goes far beyond whether I have weed on me or not. I've found that I will do anything before I study or do homework, so if I smoke I might actually have a better chance of doing it.

    I feel like when I smoke I'm more into the classes. During my first semester all of the classes seemed really boring and I had pretty much straight Bs. Now I actually like most of my classes and I get As, except for that one boring required class where I might get a C because it's just not worth the time.
  17. Did pretty well, about a B+ average first semester, smoked just about every day. Been thinking about quitting, but never really tried yet.
  18. 2nd yr college, i will smoke and i will pass all of my classes. school cant hold me back from indulging in the sweetest essence in the world.
  19. Nah I smoke regularly while school is in session. Wake and bake routinely unless I have an early morning class, usually smoke around lunch (if I don't have a class within an hour) and then I smoke after class. I get my homework done after the post-class sesh, and then smoke after my homework is finished.

    I don't get straight A's, but I get good grades. Smoking just keeps me from stressing throughout the day and being overwhelmed. But props to you for only doing it a few times per semester.
  20. Cool thread.

    You do seem a little fuzzy the next day after, but I think you still need to enjoy your time and life at the same time as taking useless (mostly) classes :D

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