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College or Weed??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Man i know what one i'd pick, and i aint gonna be no

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  2. hey anyone like dunkin donuts??? if so check this out!!!

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    jesus died for our dunkin' donuts

  4. i live in a college town, and i know for a fact that where theres college, you bet your ass theres weed!!!

  5. agreed
  6. Hmmmmm...........If I hadnt went to college then I wouldnt be able to afford my massive bills and my marijuana too. Plus, I achieved a great appreciation for late night studying/stoner sessions. LOL.
  7. Just to clarify...i wasn't slagging off students!!....i was just letting you's know that i would rather have grass than study......i too was at college once.....Peace out....Sid
  8. OMGROFLMFAO!!!!!!

    thanks sidious :D *BIG hug* that made my day. how did you know i needed a good laugh? :D

    shit, jesus died for our dunkin doughnuts. what a waste lol
  9. hey.. dunkin donuts are the shit!
    we have krispy kreme here but it just ain't the same as a greasy dunkin donut :D

    LOL guys thanks for sharing, made my day:)
  10. college or weed? I swear to god that explains my life right now perfectly...
    Wouldn't it be cool if you could atone for your sins by eating a big greasy bear claw?

    (btw there was actually an article in my local newspaper recently complaining about how there are only dunkin donuts in my town and no krispy kremes)
  11. if ya liked that one try this.....

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  12. Hmmmmm, schoolwork, homework. stupid ass professors, research papers, mid-terms, and finals.


    Bongs, bowls, joints, potheads, pipes, and vaporizors.

    If it was'nt for that damn edumacation I would pick weed, but I'll just do both for right now.
  13. i know where im going to buy my liquor..

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  14. sid & sensimil ~ too funny! :D i love it when something makes me laugh out loud.

    i wonder how many of those signs aren't done on purpose?
  15. here's another one for you

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