College looking out for its students

Discussion in 'General' started by Fup, May 17, 2002.

  1. The other day my friends and I noticed these posters up around college. I foundit kind of funny, as usually they act like they have no idea anything drug-related goes on in or near college, and now they're outright admitting that they're well aware of it. But I also thought it was kind of cool that they would try and let us know. Weird.
  2. Doe's SA stand for student advisors? if so, it's students,looking out for students. But it is cool that they posted that info sheet!! :D: :smoking:
  3. SA is student association, like the student representatives who have some say in how the college is run. And I still think it's cool.

    But my friends and I were wondering how they found out it was laced, and we reckon the SA and the staff sit around together in staff break rooms smoking gear bought from all the different dealers to test it. We can just imagine the head teacher sitting toking in his suit. "This is some good shit!" :p
  4. dont know y anyone would lace pot with lsd. 1st its a waste of money for the seller and secondly heat destroys lsd, so its pointless.

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