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College Housing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DCS, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I'll try and keep the story short, cause it is LONG.

    I'm moving into my first college apartment on Wednesday. I'm not usually a heavy smoker, so i didn't go looking for a "420 friendly" place. So after i had put in the deposit and payed the first month, they had me sign a contract that was a lot of the normal stuff, but the one thing that stood out to me is the part where it talked about drinking and smoking.

    Clearly weed would never really be allowed, but they make you leave the grounds to even smoke a cig, and you cant posses alcohol even if you're 21. Long story short, they're strict, and I'm consittering just taking a year T-break til i can find less strict housing. (Just a note, i don't have a car)

    Any thoughts on this? I'm kinda just looking for advice cause I'm already in over my head with stuff to do til Wednesday :/
  2. is it a on housing apartment or a dorm? i have friends who live in on housing apartments and they smoke all the time... no sploof or anythign. its a apartment and they dont just barge in. BUT if its a dorm dont smoke in your room till everything gets checked out. You shouldnt smoke in the dorms at all honestly cuz if u get caught then ur kicked out of college which isnt worth it
  3. Its off campus, and is an apartment but its student housing, which means private bedrooms, but shared living spaces and bathrooms. And if i know anything about the area, i have a feeling my roommates will me snitches...
  4. get to know your roomates first, then smoke
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    There are many many ways around this... and most of those horse shit college housing rules. I transferred to a University when I was 21, and it was required that I stay in an apartment on campus first year.

    We had crazzzyy fucking rules. Ignored them all. Had a great fuckin time, and got the fuckkk off campus after the year was over.

    Just make yourself a nice sploof, and keep a can of ozium around

    EDIT: It was also a dry (no alcohol allowed) development.... try telling a 21 year old college student not to drink...gtfo- that was my mindset and I never even got in any trouble.
  6. Shitty deal man, do you have your own room? If it has a window I'd say just smoke out of that, combined with using a sploof.

    The WORST is when your roommates aren't cool with it/will snitch. It's far easier to protect against threats from the outside.

    I'd say maybe just roll a fat doob and take a walk when you want to blaze.
  7. I think ill get to know them first for sure. I don't have any pieces right now anyway, sold em before i moved. If they're chill i might keep my stash there, but i don't think ill ever smoke out the window, my room is actually dangerously close to an A/C intake.... lol that could be BAD... lol

    Well worthless +rep for those who helped :)
  8. where can you buy ozium?

    Ive been keeping vodka in rubbing alcohol bottles for years, i dont plan to stop now ;)
  9. Worst comes to worst comes in that situation is that you make a sploof and use that with a fan out the window. I knew someone who lived in that kind of student apartments off campus and we seshed in his tiny ass room a few times out the window.
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    Pretty much anywhere that sells air fresheners sells ozium. Get a smokebuddy if you wanna smoke indoors. Its a fantastic investment. Also, find a friend that smokes and chill at his place whenever you wanna smoke
  11. wally world has ozium too, in the car freshener isle
  12. Just use an MFLB or similar style vape. I vape in my dorm all the time and no one knows a thing. You can smell the guys smoking weed outside a mile away though.

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