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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. ...Anyone here fans of it?..I know switch will inevitably come across this thread in a drunk stupor and start bitching about how a real mans sport is rugby or football(soccer)..but for those of us ho dont care and enjoy it I figured i'd ask....I live in Eugene....go to the UofO....hence my love for the Oregon Ducks.....and if anybody says they like the nebraska corn huskers im going to send the ice cream man to murder them and steal their stash
  2. BEAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST NAME OF A COLLEGE TEAM IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!

    lmao....anyway, yeah, big fan of the college FOOTball...we aint goin nowhere this year tho, got a soft schedule :S
    i think they should go to a tournament system OUT WITH THE COMPUTER SHIT!
  3. HELL
    GO VOLS!!!!!

    I will go with the Ice Cream Man and help him kill. I HATE THE CORNHUSKERS!!!

    The VOLS are my team...I bleed orange and never miss a second of any of our games. I think we're going to have an easy season...we're taking on the Gators early but after what should be two rather easy games so they had better not be soft going in there. I was worried about all the freshmen but Coach Fulmer seems happy so if Coach is happy then that's a good sign.

    You are getting my more fired up for the season by posting threads about it, NuBB's!!!!!!!

  4. Nothing SUCKS like a Big Orange!!!

    Roll Tide!! War Eagle!!!!

    And I'm already sick of the talk about football here. Its been going on now for 2 months.
  5. man what sucsk though is last years quarter back was joey harrington, but he got drafted 3rd to the detroit lions..I hate the detroit lions..but now I have to like them...what a crock of shit...I guess hes doing really well there though so good for him and his multimillion dollar contract..

    VOLs.....isn't that the volunteers?......I dont think i like them....therefor the ice cream man dissaproves of my speaking with you rmjl
  6. *dangles catnip in front of the ICM*
  7. *wonders if that last post by namron was supposed to make ANY fucking sense*

    *then wonders if he spelt sense right....cense?...sence?...sense?..cents?..scents?...WTF?*
  8. well zia if they keep harrington as the starting QB instead of ed mcmayon or whoever that other guy is then they should have a great season..that guy has fucking talent...he was robbed of the heisman trophy last year...and the ducks were robbed of playing in the national championship(which we would have won easily)..fucking cornhuskers....they got raped by colorado...and the ducks then raped colorado...but for osme reason the cornhuskers got to go to the rosebowl....fucking most pathetic boring game ive ever everyone knew was going to happen, they once again got raped by miami...when the whole time WE were supposed ot be in that game raping miami.....ok im done ranting in my stoned stupor....

    all I have to say is be safe..wear a condom
  9. yes, it made sense, but your feeble orEgon mind will never comprehend it........
  10. condoms are like taking a bath with your socks on
  11. except bathtubs arent full of aidswater! and herpes!....and bathtubs arent as fuun to have sex with as vagarnas..just my stoed horney opinion
  12. vagarnas......stoed......and you said critter had some lingo...shit man are you on drugs?!
  13. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah........

  14. WELL I NEVER!..
  15. welllllllll SHIT!!...i always
  16. well Zia..those hotshot lobos really showed north carolina..what was it again?..lobos-14 NC -34..HA! bastards

    unnfortunately the cornhuskers won their first game..the little bitches kept blocking arizona's punts....but arizona blows so its no biggy
  17. i go to rutgers......our college football team has stunk as long as i can remember.....were suppose to be gettin better and hopefully we do.......until then i can only follow college football jus a bit
  18. Ive just always grown up around college football....I dont really like the NFL much because the players just dont seem to have the same drive as the younger guys do in college...besides, NFL players dont have to worry about keeping their starting positions and eligability for scholarships and what not..all they have to worry about is the end of the year multimillion dollar contract...and it seems to show in their effort in games..they still play rough, but its just not the same...

    Sept. 1st my boys play...they better play well..or I will be quite depressed..resulting in excessive marijuna usage...resulting in a large amount of money loss

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