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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by zidave05, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. So college football season starts this saturday.

    Who's your team?
    Who you playin this weekend?
    What's your prediction?

    My team is Alabama and we play Western Carolina and I predict a 21-7 win.
  2. Need I say more.. GO BLUE!

    Michigan FTW.
  3. for me its all about the cincinnati bengals
  4. You are a failure.

    college football brah.
  5. Correction, college football starts Thursday. Rutgers, Louisville, LSU, and Boise State who are all top 25 teams play.

    My team is Florida State. I know they have been quite depressing over the past 6 years, but this year I feel they have finally got it turned around... for real. They fired their horrible offensive coordinator, Jeff Bowden (Bobby Bowden's son.) And by fire, I mean Boosters paid him $537,000 even to resign so they could hire a new coordinator. They then hired the offensive coordinator for the now #2 ranked LSU Tigers, Jimbo Fisher and we got him runnin' the show. He's produced top ten offensives for the past few years at LSU (check their recent history for proof.)

    They've also hired a new running backs coach, a new offensive line coach, and we rehired Chuck Amato, the former head coach of NCST, who has beaten us four times out of the past six years, as our new linebackers coach.

    Things are looking good down in Tallahassee with a Redshirt Junior starting at quarterback and the run game and defense looking better than it has in years... things are promising. Florida State is ranked #19 so I expect to see them moving up.

    Oh and, zidave05, I'll be seeing you in Jacksonville on September 29th when Alabama and Florida State play. I know I'll be there. :D

    Florida State plays Clemson right here near where I live on Monday. I'm going with a 34-17 FSU win. But I'll take any win and any sign that Drew Weatherford can handle the quarterback duties as he's are only true question-mark.
  6. im from CT and NFL im patriots for life but for NCAA i gotta go w/ PENN ST i got a lot of family in PENN and they got me hooked Joe Paterno is a legend
  7. [​IMG]

    Go Gators!! We play this Saturday against Western Kentucky. They are a sorry ass Div. II-A team. I graduated in the spring so I dont live in Gainesville anymore but im driving up there this weekend to get hammered with some buddies and then going to the game. I'll be at most all of their home game this season including the LSU game on the road..which should be a kick ass road trip/game. Tebow is the real deal.. watch out for him. I will be the first to say that we wont win back to back football titles but we will still be damn good. SEC title run for sure. My prediction this weekend is 41-9, Gators (obviously)

    I had to change my avatar for the start of the college football season. Damn, I cant fucking wait for football!!
  8. KU FOR THE WIN :hello::hello:


  9. I wish I was going to that game, my brother will be there though. Roll Tide mofo :p
  10. Oh, my eyes!!! Look how hideous those uniforms are... be embarrassed. :p

    Nah, but in all seriousness I did get a quality laugh about that Tim Tebow is the real deal line... classic! :laughing:

    Nah, good luck this season but I think a lot of teams are gonna get a little revenge next season on the "champs." I hope I can find some tickets for the FSU game in the Swamp. I've been there once before and it was sick (plus FSU won that year.)
  11. Big Hawkeye fan here, we get to work on Northern Ill this weekend, I predict a big win. Im not sure how I feel about our chances this year, losing our best wideout cause hes a god damn fucking retard. Its gonna be a rebuilding year, one of those hope for the best but prepair for the worst type deals.
  12. Shit sucked for me last year...
    born in Ohio been a OSU fan for my life (kingPin...i think you mean Go Blow)

    now im attending UF

    Buckeyes are where my heart is, but being here in Titletown is pretty nice
  13. I got to Pitt, I grew up with Pitt, Pitt is my team... but it's about the hardest team to love in college football, they ALWAYS let you down. Pitt is like the most chokin ass school in the history of college sports.
    This season is impossible to judge because of the new starters on D and the new QB. A LOT of fans are predicting a bad season. I'm just trying to stay optimistic. Hopefully newbie RB Shady McCoy breaks out big time!

    I love Michigan and Texas though. The night Vince Young won the Nat. Champ. game may have been my all time favorite sport moment. That kid is special.
  14. Michigan Wolverines

    i'm thinking a 31-10 win over Appalachain St. (Div II. national champs!) and we take our offensive starters out midway through the 3rd.

    4 days until i get to hear this: "Thank you for being part of the largest crowd watching a football game anywhere in America"

  15. USC and UCLA for me
  16. They havn't done much but I still gotta go for em. Go Sparties!
  17. Hopefully Saban pulls it out this year..
  18. i live in gainesville and we take college football very seriosly here, as you all know the gators own college football/basketball and the reign will continue this year

    just ask OSU i bet their stll hurtin from that ass whoopin we put on them in the BCS championship game last year
  19. I have a feeling he's gonna do a really good job.

  20. Sorry dude. I naturally have to do this...

    Tim Tebow is the real deal..whether you want to believe it or not. I have gone to over 20 practices..attended the spring game..he is amazing. He's big, he's strong, he's cocky. You know he can run, but he'll show you he can pass, too. He is about to become the best quarterback in the nation. He can read the field like a book... scared yet? Ya better be. Couple all of that with his already unmatched package of skills, and you have the makings of a Heisman winner. Yup, a Heisman winner. Oh and by the can take those quotations off the word "champs" becaue I think we proved to everyone in the nation how dangerous we were and how chumps get chooomped. There are no doubts of that. My gators had more sacks in the national championship game then Ohio State's heisman quarterback had completions. The offense spoke for itself..With all that aside, its a new season. Yes we are lacking on defense but the new guys out there come from a Top 5 recruiting class..we have all the talent to be great again. Its gunna be a fun season.. cant wait to see FSU get swamped pun intended :D

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