College drinkers! Whats your drink!?

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    Whats up guys, this goes out to all the college guys.

    im not talking classy stuff, just whatever floats your boat.

    even if its the expensive stuff, post it up!!!!

    whats your choice of drink to get drunk on the weekends? I'm trying to broaden the horizons and maybe try some new stuff. stuff i usually gets the job done but gets repetitive, my friends dont care, but i like to change things up here and there

    personally, i will go grab either

    bacardi gold
    bacardi 151 (if money allows)
    Svedka (if im low on the cash and need to get wasted lol)

    no beer for me --> i can get that at parties for free, and im working out alot so i can't afford to drink the beer. got that six pack forming lmao
  2. jack daniels handles!!
    four loko
    bud light

  3. You wouldn't happen to wear backwards tilted baseball caps do you?
  4. haha nah man i got that sexy style of hair

    we had four lokos...until new york damn banned them
  5. Nice with the 151 but i only used to drink that back in the day

    I feel like me and my friends got real chill real if its a bottle its usually crown or henn maybe some vodka

    but half the time its just beer; high life or whatever

  6. yeah haha 151 saves some money in the end of it just bc of the alc content.
  7. Hennessey
    Johnny Walker
    Partida Elegante Tequila
  8. either hen or remy, and if im feelin tha gin i'll fuck wit the gin, but if im at a party, and all the females on that goose i'll fuck wit it mixed with some cranberry pomegranate juice
  9. hell yeah but for us usually it goes into hunch punch so it last like 2 sessions

    straight shots of it are good though :)

    but a straight shot of everclear is really something else...

  10. that any good? i heard quite a bit bout it

  11. yeah man it goes down smooth, and has a orange tangy taste to it.
  12. Van Gogh espresso vodka. Gets the same job done as 4 Loko and tastes a hell of a lot better.

    I also suggest you try a White Russian. Fill a glass halfway with milk and then add in equal parts Kahlua and Stoli Vanilla. It's a classy drink and is also the signature choice of The Dude. Can't go wrong.

    For beer, Killians Irish Red hands down.

  13. agreed.
  14. [​IMG]

    thats if im with girls if not miller lite
  15. Pabst but I got some Blue Moon for the super bowl.
  16. GOON
    aka Box Wine
    the most cost effective way to destroy your liver

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