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College courses

Discussion in 'General' started by Caramelicious, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Yes this thread is about college classes haha
    I'm interested in taking bioengineering, biochemistry and/or industrial design in college. I'm wondering if anyone has taken these courses and have any words of advice or good classes to take to prepare for these.
  2. I'm in engineering school, and my brother is in the middle of his industriel design degree, so I guess I'm qualified to give you some advice, but I'm not that knowlegable in any of these fields.

    Bioengineering will likely be the toughest of the three, but you'll come out of college with a higher paying job that will be easier to find.
    Biochem will probably have most of the same classes as bio-eng, so you could switch pretty easy between the two if you change your mind.

    With industrial design you'll be doing more hands-on work with various materials in your classes, building stuff with wood, metals, ceramics. This is a good degree if you like art and want a pracitcal way to apply your art skills.
  3. awesome thanks HighCollin
    what type of engineering are you doing?

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