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  1. Sorry about this thread, but i just signed up for my courses and its been bugging me so much, I signed up for both Probability & Statistics and Intro to Calculus cuz i was always behind in math in high school but i need a bunch of math credits for my major.

    think that's too much to put on my plate? my other courses are all standard, i can handle them, but taking these two classes simultaneously seems a little over my head.
  2. especially if you lagged in math in high school

    i want to learn asrtonomy
  3. depending on what year in college you are i.e. a frshmen or what not i would say yes might as well space them out.

    It confused the shit out of me when i took 2 maths, kept mixing them up
  4. Yeah, my schedule is bugging me too.

    I would just take 1 math class unless you have to take 2.

    Since its your first semester in college, just take it slow and adapt first.
  5. It depends on how much you like math/how good you are at it. Ive taken lots of caculus but not much statistics, but calculus probably has little to do with it. Although there are ways to use calculus to do statistics (like using distribution functions), but a typical stats class doesn't have this as far as I know. Good luck and keep up with your calculus and try to do some practice problems, even if theyre not graded so you know wahts going on... So yea considering its your first semester you might want to try one of the two, unless your good at math or like it.

    Just curious but what is your major?
  6. yea dude, FUCK two math courses..

    ENC1101, id take college algebra first. my first semester of college classes were a sinch! what univ?
  7. it's kind of hard to predict beforehand, especially if you have no idea what each course is going to cover. I've taken first-year calculus and statistics before (not in the same semester), and I didn't particularly enjoy either of them. I'm not a math whiz or anything but I still did alright I suppose. Stats is probably easier than calculus but I guess it depends on your strengths.

    If you've had problems in math it might be a bit much, especially in combination with whatever other courses you're taking. Plus, if you're a freshman, it might take a while to adjust to college life and get into good study probably don't need two hard courses stacked on top of that.
  8. Two maths?
    I did that in High School one year. I didn't pass one. I barely passed the other. I was a 3.0 student but math wasn't (never will be...) my forte.
    Good luck to you- just don't get behind cuz I'm guessing it would be hell to catch up!

    Math makes my head hurt:confused:
  9. haha im taking an astronomy class my first semester of college
  10. I'm majoring in Discovery Informatics at the College of Charleston, it's a combination of computer science and mathematics that deals with analyzing large pools of consumer data and finding patterns. I.E in a supermarket people who bought item X were 57% likely to buy item Y (based on large amounts of information) therefore items X and Y should be placed close to each other in the supermarket.

    thats the most basic example i was given, the college counselor says the FBI uses informatics majors to find patterns in criminal activity. I dunno theres just a lot you can do with it.

    I dunno, i dont fully understand it and havent taken any classes in it yet so i cant explain it but it seems really interesting. It takes a shitload of mathematics credits though.

    so the general consensus is that 2 maths are overkill and i should drop one and worry about it later?
  11. I just started at the Art Institute of Charleston...and I'm freakin out cause i have introductory algebra...haha. that's how bad i am at math. it's fuckin fractions and shit and i can't handle it >_<

    But i go for culinary - baking and pastry. I wanna open up a bakery/lounge/cafe type dealy one day where potheads can just come and chill :)
  12. Math sucks smoke weed.
  13. it really depends. i say go for it if you dont have that many credits. if you're taking like four classes then i say its fine.
    i personally had some trouble with calc, but i found stats so easy.
  14. I've taken both of those classes and there not that bad. Statistics is just plugging numbers into your calculator (atleast for me). Depending on your major, most classes tend to get harder as you move on. I would try and stagger 2 hard/ 2 easy course as you go. Don't put too much on your plate at once. If you have a decent work ethic and can stay on top of your shit you can pass. Oh ya, and do HW before you blaze.
  15. Math sucks. I'm in MAT 098, elementary algebra what a joke I feel like I took this class in 8th grade.

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