Collecting and storing Pollen??

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  1. Hello all. I have a male SFV OG and I want to collect the pollen from it. How would I do this? Wait until the pods open up and collect the pollen in a small jar? Or cut the pods off before the open? And after getting the pollen how would I store it for future use? Thanks for stopping by IMG_3541.JPG

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  2. take the sacs off just before they open and the ones that have opened... put them in a small jar that has aeration NOT sealed and let them dry out completely ...

    THEN to Stretch and preserve the pollen AND make it easier to use later get like 2 tablespoons of regular flour and mix that with the pollen . THEN store that mix in a sealed jar and put it in the fridge .

    the flour actually aids the part where you go in with a small NEW paintbrush and lightly tap into the jar and then lightly brush the buds that you want pollinated's better that way because it takes less than a grain of sand to make seeds happen....if you try and paint the straight pollen on there usually OVERSEEDS THE plant at that locating which you don't want ...

    you can find some videos on you tube using this method ...I've done it for many years...and the cool part Is if your careful you can pollinate only select branches...and the rest of the plant stays unpollinated (wind does spread it ) do be careful...OR paint the whole plant and have alot of seeds. up to you really ...

    good luck and keep us posted

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  3. Thanks for the fast reply. I will definitely try this. And yes I plan on just pollinating a branch only. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. Anyone els have their own way on collecting and storing pollen ?
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  4. Hey so does anyone think they will pop open soon?? First time collecting pollen IMG_3567.JPG

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