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    Anyone used a Coldfinger Extractor for an ISO or Ethanol extraction? I like the idea of a closed system extraction (less dangerous vapors), but what worries me is that because of the condensation, and water it might pull out too many water Here's some info from there websiteWithin an enclosed flask there is an inverted condenser pointing down into the flask from the top. Just below that condenser will be suspended either what's called a soxhlet basket or a recovery vessel depending on whether you're extracting or recovering solvent. The condenser will have cold liquid circulating through it to keep the condenser cold. In the bottom of the main flask solvent is placed. To do an extraction, the ground plant material is placed in the soxhlet basket which is a vessel with perforated sides and bottom so that liquid can fall through it. When gentle heat is applied to the main flask, the solvent begins to evaporate and the solvent vapors reach the cold condenser at the top of the flask and begin to liquefy on the sides of the condenser. (much the same way that a cold glass of water becomes wet on the outside of itself on a hot day) The re-condensed solvent on the sides of the condenser begin flowing down the sides of the condenser and begin dripping off of drip points on the end of the condenser. This solvent drips into the top of the soxhlet basket where it saturates the herb being extracted. The solvent flows through the basket and out the holes in the bottom of the basket carrying the extract with it into the bottom of the flask.The extract laden solvent falling from the soxhlet basket is dark in color and as it becomes clearer you know that the plant material is leached out and the process is finished.At this point you can do one of three things: 1. Stop the operation and pour the extract infused solvent out of the main flask. 2. Hook up the recovery vessel and remove the solvent from your extract which generally leaves a paste behind. 3. Dump and squeeze out the spent plant material in the soxhlet basket, then start a fresh basket of herb in the extractor using the same solvent which continually re-distills and extracts regardless of how much extract is infused into it in the bottom of the main flask.The recovery vessel is simply a cup which is suspended below the condenser. As solvent vapors re-condense and fall off the tip of the condenser, they fall into the cup and are thus separated from the extract itself.Our most sophisticated units which use this process are also vacuum compatible. Applying a vacuum to this inside of the main flask lowers the boiling point of the solvent enabling the operator to distill solvent at much lower temperatures and to distill much more quickly. When using vacuum, solvent vapors will migrate out of the port through which the vacuum is being pulled. To capture these vapors before they go into the vacuum pump, a cold trap is utilized which is a different type of condenser which re-condenses solvent vapors and then sends the liquid solvent back into the main flask. (see Professional Round Bottom unit)
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    It's a reflux system and works with different solvents, not co2 though. For qwiso or qwet you would probably have to filter your solution through coffee filters then hook it back up with the recovery vessel. Everything stays so cold I bet it would work great.The only problem I'm seeing is the original solvent (clean) is just circulated through and mixed with the "dirty"Solution. And That since it's just dripping and recirculating it's hard to tell when it's ready. There would probably be too much water solubles.But just the recovery aspect is a great idea because the vapors don't stay vapors for very long. As safeish quick dry method. After your left with the "paste", take it out spread it thin, and put it in the oven at 220 for 15-20 minutes, then freeze and scrape.I don't think the base model is worth the price but the models with the vac purge attachment would be kick ass! Put your herb in and sit back and get some nice concentrates in a few hours.

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