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Coldest Temperature MJ Plants can grow in??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by GSxx83, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. What is the coldest climate MJ can br grown in?

    Are there any strands that can withstand 20-50 degress farenheight?
  2. From what I read -4C or about 24F is the very MAX the can take.

  3. Marie-jane pretty much has that right.

    I've had plants tolerate a few nights of -7C/19.4F and only suffered minor leaf damage.
  4. i know most soma strains can stand under freezing temps easily

    on the pics you see of most of the strains on his website, they have that distinct red coloration due to extreme cold(under freezing if i remember correctly) during flowering

    extreme cold temperatures tend to turn the buds red or purple from what i have seen but never have had a chance to test it out due to living in socal
  5. plants can handle really low temps, but they can't handle frost. All the plants i've had get hit by frost died and turned brown. But i've covered plants at night before with a paper bag then took it off in the morning and they were fine.

    I wish i lived in SoCal, i hope someday in my life time i can visit there, it would be a dream to get a house there.
  6. So what plant would you recommend for a winter in NY?
  7. hey thats wats happning to my plants they are going sort of purple i think it looks well smart! Its feckin freezing in scotland just now!
  8. You can't grow outdoors in the winter in NY. With an indoor grow, use whatever strain you want. They call it 'weed' for a reason. It's not hard to grow it, it's just hard to grow dank.
  9. yup....Ive seen plants cover an survive close to zero....but one "hard frost" an their dead...

    You cant really start a grow in cold temps...but if you have plants outside cover them if it gets below 35-38 wind chill an they will usually do ok....

    Im talkin fully grown adult plants....late summer garden...
  10. Gosh,i never knew that some strains could survive sub zero[celsius] temperatures.I was worried about 13c.I t would be interesting to know how temperature plays a role in the content of canabinoids in the plant.
  11. It's November, it snowed today and I live in Canada. My plants are still outside and doing well. In fact with this recent cold snap I cannot believe that the buds look better then ever
  12. Last night got down to 51 F. Plants look absolutely perfect.

    Would be nice to run two rooms of the same strain, but at very different temps. One being the normal range and the other really cold.

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