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    I recently did a CWE on 8 5/500 Hydros for a total of 40mg Hydrocodone. I did everything that i could find on google and i drank the liquid at like 1:30. Its now 2:09 and I still don't really feel anything. I hardly have a tolerance and it usually sets in a bit faster. What did I do wrong? I'll update this if i start to feel anything. Thanks

    Edit: At 2:26 I'm feeling a little something, but not how I figured I'd be feeling with 40mg of hydro, especially with my tolerance.
  2. How did you do the extraction?
  3. First, I crushed up all the pills and put the powder in less then 50mL of water. I got all the bigger pieces out by stirring the mix until it was completely dissolved. Then I poured this shit into a bowl with a lid and put it into the freezer for like 30 minutes. This mightve been where I went wrong I think. Some gut feeling is telling me I didn't leave it in long enough. Well anyway I got it out of the freezer, got a coffee filter and put it over another cup, then poured the solution through the coffee filter and I got an almost clear liquid, which is what I drank. Then with the little bits and globs of acetaminophen and water that was stuck in the filter, I put that in more water and did the same thing (put in freezer, then put through a filter) and drank that. Still not feelin anything hardly
  4. C'mon, theres gotta be someone up at this time of night.
  5. Hmm I don't really know what you did wrong. It doesn't really need to get THAT cold, just around 42•f, was there a precipitate at the bottom?
  6. No, there wasn't anything at the bottom. It was just a cold white liquid. But still, even if I didn't do that part right, I still got a white glob when I strained it through the filter. Also, I drank the liquid i got after i filtered it, so I had to have dranken some hydrocodone. I felt a little, just not nearly as much as I was goin for. =[ oh well
  7. Was the water bitter? And For some reason CWE's havn't worked for me in the past.
  8. The water did taste a little bitter. It tasted like how I would imagine concrete water to taste (if that makes sense).

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