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    SO i was reading some shit. About that food colar. Im not one to believe ethat shit but damb how could you not this looks so sick. So they were saying that you would dip the stem in some food colaring to change the colar of the buds let me redirect you to this page. What do you guys think. I think this is some crazy shit and i cant wait to try it out. HOPE IT WORKS ANYBODY ELSE EVER TRY THIS ????

    These are a few pics of the bud then diped in the little cup!!!

    NOT MY PICS!!!!!!



  2. I dunno but yeah it does look sweet man..

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. You guys mind reposting the IMG so I don't have to join another forum?
  4. Thats what im saying im still in the process of reading it says the looks are amzing but the taste is nasty! but the only way to find out is experiement.
  5. ya sorry about that ill edit asap
  6. Still didn't work, it links to the login page. Maybe if you copied the IMG location to your clipboard and then used the Insert Image tool here on GC and put in the URL it might work.

    Thanks for the effort man and the find. This seems like some cool stuff.
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    How about now, they should be up and running check it out every one some crazy stuff!!!!!
  8. Oh man that is amazing. I need to go talk to some people I know and see if we can make this work.

  9. Indeed thats what im saying, If ya do keep us posted im curious to see what happens and stuff. just to interesting.
  10. You know I wonder if you took that branch out after the 24 hours, and soaked it for
    another 24 in pure water, if the color would change back.. if not, maybe it'd help flush
    some nasty shit out and give it a better taste?

    Maybe some water with molasses would help with the taste, or maybe even adding
    molasses to the dye at the same time.

    I'm so going to try this when I can

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  11. INTERESTING!!! Well im glad i was able to do something usefull. CAN I GET SOME REP. lol j.k but ya man this is some crazy shit my buddy is about to be done flowering in like three two four weeks. Im going to get with him see what we can do. I will for sure post pics ASAP. I would love to see some results! If you do experement experimentist let me know. Im fascinated!!!! :smoking:and blown!!! :D

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