Cola Seemed To Stop Maturing ** HELP NEW.B **

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by qwickymart, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. I am growing a strain of JACK HERER (clone from a SF,CA Cannabis-Club) in a 13 plant operation containing 6 strains (2 of each strain +1 extra).

    It is 50days flowering and it seems to have stopped flowering?

    THE COLA IS HUGE! I mean the plant was growing pretty well, but the leaves are yellowing and the COLA STRETCHED TOWARDS THE LIGHT.

    I stopped with the Phosphorus and Potassium but am giving them a light Nitrogen mix now... I was giving them ONLY WATER(to finish the last 2weeks) but they aren't maturing?

    SHOULD I CONTINUE TO GIVE THESE PLANTS SOME P & K (phosphorus and potassium?)

    Maybe they are "LATE BLOOMERS" and need it while my hawaii indica and maz-ari-shariff don't neccessarily need the long season? ?? ?

    did I take away nutes to early on those JACK HERER guys? what to do?
  2. from what i hear jack herer is commonly called jack's the ph of the soil?, as it sounds like stress of some kind, that has slowed the growth, also what size of pot is it in? and what height is the plant now? and it's age?.....and maybe give you a better idea of whats wrong with it!!......Peace out.....Sid
  3. Hey you bring a few good points to view.

    They are currently in 3 gallon pots.

    I know 3 gallons aren't very big but I am in a 4x8' space and I just wanted something quick to sex and play with my 13 plants to see which to grow commercially with (as I cloned ~20clones off of each of the 13mothers before I sent them into flower to witness their genetics.)

    Maybe they are just rootbound? but they should still finish flowering shouldnt' they? She (the bitch that won't finish) is about 4' tall and I noticed a few brown hairs on her today...
  4. mat possibly be a nute lock.....when things like this happen i allways flush with some fresh water, at that age you may notice the liquid that runs from it piss like in colour, that's it cleaning out......Peace out........Sid
  5. ya never know, a lot of seedbanks ive looked at had strains that had flowering times of around 50-55 days.... it could be done

    ive never grown before but ive read quite a bit on it and im very anxious about this summers outdoor grow
  6. can you get a good quality photo to tell if it has matured?.....Peace out.......Sid
  7. Hey SID,

    Thanks for jumping back in here!!!

    I am not much of a NEW.B.


    I think it was because the other strains were a little ahead and had signs of maturing that I cut off nutes, and was only feeding water (in this soil grow) and I believe that plant still wanted some nutes because the next watering regimen I pumped it back up with NPK and it is back on its way - within 3 days I now have many light brown hairs and it sweating thc like crazy... looks like some good quality bud now!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the help! I recently came across your guys forum.
    I have been hanging out and asking my questions over at OVERGROW.COM for a while but recently I am unable to browse their forums for some reason? I don't know why my computer seems to time out or its on there end or something.

    Really pisses me off that thier forums won't let me in anymore - but I figure many of the og'ers com over here too!!! I know I did!
  8. goosd to hear there gonna be o.k......Peace out.....Sid

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