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Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I dont get it. If it taste the same as normal coke..and its better for you, why not just make coke zero the normal coke without calories? :confused::smoking::smoke:
  2. Exactly.
  3. Umm, it doesn't taste the same as regular coke. Have you tried it? It has this nasty after taste.
  4. I was just listening to the commercial buddy :smoke:
  5. It's a marketing gimmick?

    Side note, I get excited by the word coke. That's probably bad.
  6. Yeah, it does not taste the same at all! Have you tried Aspartame? That's what it is sweetened with. It does not taste like regular coke, it's formulated the same as regular coke, unlike diet coke, but it certainly does not taste the same.
  7. Holy shit! Someone still believes in truth in advertising! :eek:

    they don't taste the same...
  8. It´s not that different, it´s actually quite similar. A couple months ago I went to buy coke zero for my mom but was short of cash so I decided I´d see just how similar it tastes to normal coke. I bought a normal one and filled an empty coke zero bottle, I got not complaints whatsoever.

    Maybe the other way around people would catch on to something being wrong.
  9. I know they give false propaganda all the time, but I was just seeing if it tasted the same and why they dont just change it :wave:
  10. It doesn't taste exactly like coke, but it does taste a lot more like it than diet coke in my opinion.
  11. What many people don't realize is that these "diet" sodas are actually worse than normal sodas. That artificial sweetner (aspartame) actually slows down the persons metabolism, so if you think you are making the healthier choice by drinking "diet", you should reconsider.
  12. Yeah, just like Tab gives you cancer.

    I've lost over 60 pounds before, drinking nothing else besides aspartame products. I did it in about a year through reducing calories (no calories from soda, see?) and exercise. Every serious experiment I read about found no link between aspartame and thyroid function. If you want to avoid aspartame, there's a lot of foods you need to quit eating immediately.
  13. omg raaaaaped
  14. Good point. But it probably tastes like ass. Most low-calorie or sugar free stuff has that nasty aspartame taste, not to mention aspartame is not at all good for you.

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