coke urgent kinda lol

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  1. anyways today me and m buddy were trying to get some e, we phoned up everyone and no luck at all we were pretty bummed out, but then i rememberd another dealer i have so we phone him up and were pretty depressed that he said he didnt have any BUT he said ''i have some coke'' so me and my friend look at eachother with grins on our faces cause we have never tried it before and were wanting to for sometime, we pick him up and i asked how much for a g and he was liek 45 bones the exact amount of money we had so we decided to pick up a g, and we go back to my crib and snort 2 lil lines each the coke was in chunks like looked like little pebbles(is this good i have no idea?) i smelled the bag and lol it kinda smelled like pickles,

    so we do these lines and half an hour later we feel a lil buzzed in the head i had some energy flow going and we bolth felt talkative but that was it we bolth agreed that coke is overated.

    now to bring you up to modern times my buddy and i went to my friend's 19th birthday party and i had a couple drink around 8 shots so im feeling pretty drunk, and i just pced it so i decided it would be ok to snort a line whilst im drunk cause my friend said i can have the rest, so i got home about 15 mins ago still prtty drunk and just snorted a fat line and i feel good as fuck so im wondering if its cool to drink and so coke as in if its safe or not, also id much apreiciate beigginers adivse for coke and all that thanks so much.. and lol it took me like 2 minutes to wright this do you guys think i got good yayo or what lol pce.

  2. Drinking makes anything more risky. Personally I think you'd feel the coke more if you did it alone, but that's just me.

    Be safe. :)
  3. The first few times I did coke I thought that it was bunk shit, because I felt more energetic and talkitive but not really euphoric at all, but then I did it again a few months later and it was much better.

    Also, drinking and doing coke is much different from just doing coke, IMO.
  4. you'll know when you get that good white girl
    one line and it's take off!
  5. I'm always drinking when i do coke, the 2 always go together for me.

    You can't possibly say coke is over rated by only doing one small little line.
    Sounds like your quite up at the moment. Must be better stuff.

    If your dealer isn't a constant coke dealer than it's more likely for him to cut it even more. As quality wont be top of his list.

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