coke or pepsi?

Discussion in 'General' started by ox38776, May 9, 2004.


coke or pepsi

  1. coke

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  2. pepsi

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  3. dont drink soda

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  1. which do you like more, coke or more of a coke got that extra crisp taste.
  2. Pepsi all the way. I'm extra-special fucked in the head too, I love diet pepsi. To me it's just so much more refreshing than regular pepsi has ever been though I still like regular pepsi more than I do coke.
  3. Most of the time I don't even notice the difference... but I'm gonna go with coke
  4. i hate coke it has to much bite
  5. I'll take coke over pepsi, but I'll take DR PEPPER over ANYTHING! Dr Pepper is the shit.:D
  6. can you snort pepsi?
  7. i hate coke ...pepsi for sure
  8. Not only does Pepsi taste better than Coke, Pepsi's biproducts are much better than Coke's also.

    Mountain Dew, for example, is awesome, and is made by Pepsi.

    And blazin420, word up on that Dr. Pepper comment. Dr. Pepper is amazing. And, I'm pretty sure its not a Coke product. Not Pepsi either though, it does its own thing.
  9. I like both but i would have to say pepsi because for some reason whenever i have a hangover the only thing to drink is coke. And Im normally REAL thirsty when i wake up after drinkin and coke just tastes like shit cuz i cant taste very well when i have a hangover and it dont quench my thirst. But ya i do like Vanilla Coke too tho. And who makes Squirt? thats real good too. :)

    Pepsi, for those who think young ;)

  10. im goin with Pepsi....all my life, my father drank pepsi, so i drank it.....its the only soda my moms buys........

  11. Quoted to indicate agreement.

    But I'm not much of a Mountain Dew fan. But Pepsi makes Frappuccino. I don't need to tell you how much that stuff rocks.

  12. yeah, and seven up is owned by dr pepper... and both those suck :p

    coke is what i drink normally, but the last time i drank some, it tasted horrible... must have been a bad batch or something, hah....

  13. 7 Up isn't 7 Up anymore. Its dnL (7 Up upside down, very tricky). And their slogan is "turn things upside down."

    And don't be hating on Dr. Pepper, you gotta love that stuff.

    And the Coke you drank wasn't just a bad batch, it was Coke homie, it's supposed to taste horrible.
  14. They use Dr Pepper to clean off blood off the roads, the main ingredient is like plums or some shit, seriously I asked this cop and he told me all about it. FUcked up shit.
  15. I really wish I could says....None.....But I love my Pespi!
  16. im a coke man. cant beat a classic. fuck out with that new-age pepsi shit.
  17. diet pepsi>fountain diet pepsi>fountain diet coke

    dont like sugar all that much

  18. lol....... i dont think so
  19. you guys ever tried dr. pepper red fusion? mmmm I love that soda :D
  20. most definately pepsi, especially the wild cherry stuff or whatever, but what about the lemon-lime sodas? I love sierra mist.

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