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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Schwagmaster, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Party'd hard, OD'd a bit. OD'd on oxy before but this sucks way more. Anybody know how long until I feel normal again? Started purging like three hours ago, no vomit since then. Still breathing hard, dilerium subsided though. Safe to sleep now?
  2. Stay hydrated and take your temperature. You don't want to overheat, your kidney is going through hell right now. If you do have a high temperature it's important not to jump in a cold shower or anything like that, just put a cold pack (not ice, not frozen) on the back of your neck and try to relax. You could still go into shock if you're not careful. Stay out of the tub, you could lose consciousness and drown.
  3. Thanks. Been burning and didn't know it. Robe looks like I was rolling,lol. That helped a lot.
  4. No problem man, I'd hate to hear that something worse happened. Also I'd say don't try to take any Advil or aspirin or anything like that, you don't want to make your kidney work any harder. Try to ride it out, it's all you can do. Good luck.
  5. Yeah, good call. Pretty sure I'm cool, just really uncomfortable. Thanks again for the heat thing big time. Made functioning a lot easier once I realized. Going lay down again.
  6. This is why i stick with WEED. Ive known to many people to pass from ODing.
  7. Let me know how you're doing Schwag.
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    How did that post contribute to the topic of this thread in any positive way? You're in the Pandora's box section, don't lecture people.

    To the OP - hope you're okay. Probably sleepin it off now actually..
  9. I'm cool. After I slept I was good except for edginess and back pain. Got back to feeling completely normal about six hours ago. Thanks for the concern.

    Hard drugs have inherent risks. But really, having done this for years with nothing happening, I look at it like I do driving. I'm careful, but accidents happen regardless. It's just a matter of being smart to minimize their frequency and severity.
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