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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. well i was baked the other night and thinkin "what would happen if u put coke in a capsule?

    at first i thought it would be perfect for little bumps (just take the top off and inhale)

    however, what do you think would be if i popped the capsule like a pill? would the coke rush last longer?

    i mean im already puttin the shit in my nose so it cant b any worse for the stomach.

    thoughts? sorry kinda geeked right now:hello:
  2. coke has a bioavailability of about 20% when ingested, not a great idea but if you have a lot of coke to waste try it lol.
  3. bah figures.
  4. I imagine that it would last much longer once it does hit you but the small bioavailability makes it cheaper to just keep doing lines. LOL

    It's one drug I don't mess with though. People I know don't even seem to enjoy it when they do it. It's like they HAVE to and it scares me. Not to mention all the filler junk that gets stuck in their nose that they constantly pick at.
  5. i agree to a point. ive been "getting" into it latley but i seem to keep self control. plus im broke and cant afford it.

    i turst my source and apperently this has been tested 90% pure. but its still too attractive. once i kill this 8 ball im puttin it down for a few months.
  6. At headshops you can get little snuffers that have a little space at the bottom to hold your coke or whatever, and then a hole at the top so you can just have a good amount at the ready whenever [in response to what you said about opening the capsule to snort it]
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